Finding time to work on your business – Part 2

I am going to jump right into the continuation of a topic we started last week, finding time to work on your business – part 1:

How in the world do you find time to work on your fitness business and not just in your fitness business?

As you most likely know, this is a huge challenge for most fitness business owners.

If you have been in business over two years you know mastering this skill is vitally necessary. Or you risk staying where you are, doing what you have always done, getting the results you have always gotten while hoping and dreaming that things will somehow get better. Someone once said a version of this is the definition of insanity.

Last week you had three assignments. If you didn’t get to them you can revisit them here.

I’ll bet your answers are around a central theme. You are very busy and there is not much extra time in your schedule, “something” always comes up, and, quite honestly, you are not sure exactly where to start on building your business. Sound familiar?

You are not alone – 100% of my VIP clients identify these exact challenges as holding their businesses back.

Now the fun part, getting our plan together.

Here are your fitness business tips for the week: (Please let me know if there are other topics that would be helpful to you.)

Complete the three steps below by for the next week – start today and gain immediate momentum.

Step #1 – Go to your calendar and schedule a few minutes every day for the next week when you will work on your business. Make sure this time is at least 10 minutes long and no more than 20 minutes. Pick the right time of the day for you. A time when your energy will be high and you can get the most out of your time.

Step #2 – Decide what you need to work on – to grow your business. This is perhaps the toughest challenge you will face in your business. Seriously! Remember the important is never urgent and the urgent is seldom important. To start with, pick only one thing that you are going to work on to build your business. For more insights check out this 2 minute video.

Step #3 – Make it happen every day for a week. You are learning a new habit and there will be all kinds of things that will attempt to draw your attention away for your scheduled time. Don’t let it happen! This is your most important appointment of your day. Don’t miss it.

As always, if I can be of help, don’t hesitate to contact me. I am here to help.

Make it an awesome day!

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Finding time to work on your business – Part 1


If you have been reading these emails for any time you have certainly noticed a theme to building a wildly successful fitness business.

The theme is: It’s vitally important to work on your business and not just in your business.

A constant concern, and a source of many questions from my VIP clients, is how to find the time to work on their business.

This is a struggle for many business owners and, in particular, a very difficult struggle for most people in the fitness industry. Several unique things about our industry make this separation of energies very difficult.

Nonetheless, it’s critical that we figure this challenge out, or we risk staying where we are and getting the same results we have always gotten, while wishing and hoping for a better, brighter future that always seems just around the corner.

This is one of the hardest transitions I see fitness professionals struggle with, and for good reason. Those that master it build better businesses that in turn provides a lifestyle of the owner’s choosing. Along with the new lifestyle comes greater satisfaction and happiness.

This week, I want to start to really dig into this topic. It will take a couple of issues of this email to go over all this ground, but we’ll get started this week.

We love teaching, coaching and training. If you are like me, the business side of the business is much less appealing. That is problem #1 because it takes a lot more energy to focus on something that we are not as excited about.

The second issue is that we are outwardly focused when working with people and that is motivating and stimulating. Working on our business is essentially a solitary process which is much more lonely (especially at the beginning).

Third, we are often confused about where to start when it comes to working on our business. For many of us this is not our background and it’s certainly not as natural as training people.

Fourth, it’s often difficult to find the time in our busy schedule to focus on the lonely task of working on a business when we are not exactly sure where to start.

So where do we go from here you may wonder. Like any seemingly-daunting task, we simply break down into manageable tasks and build new habits. Sounds simple and it is, but it’s not comfortable at first.

This week’s fitness tip is all about doing some work to become aware of how much time you are spending on building your business, and what your potential obstacles are.

Here are your fitness business tips for the week: (Please let me know if there are other topics that would be helpful to you.)

Complete the three steps below by writing out your answers where you can refer to them again soon.

  1. Step 1 – Keep a record of how much time you actually spend this week on building your business.Be totally honest here. Thinking about it does not count, only record time that you are actually fully engaged in a business-building task.
  2. Step 2 – Make a list of the obstacles that get in the way of you working on your business.Make this list without judgement. Let’s recognize the realities and accept them for what they are at the moment.
  3. Step 3 –Write down two tasks that you know, if you had time to do them, would revolutionize your business and make life much better for you. Again, make this written list without judgement or hesitation.

To make this work most effective, make sure you take the time to write the answers down somewhere where you can easily retrieve them.

Next week we will take action on each of these items.

Make it an awesome day!

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Recharge your batteries (often) to grow your business.

Yesterday I had the chance to take something off my bucket list and it felt GREAT.

I stopped riding motorcycle when I had young children at home. It just seemed rather dangerous and raising my children was my highest priority.

They have all graduated from college and are doing a great job living responsible lives and taking care of themselves.

I have returned to riding motorcycle and I love it. (The many years of working out and living a healthy lifestyle is also serving me well with a foundation that does not limit me.)

Yesterday I rode my motorcycle on the Tail of the Dragon. The road boasts 318 curves in 11 miles and I do not doubt those numbers. The experience has left me completely recharged and ready for whatever life throws at me.

You may be wondering what does this have to do with your fitness tip this week? The answer is that I want to encourage you to plan time for YOU in your busy schedule. Specifically, I recommend planning now to get away this summer for a couple of weeks.

You may find this challenge difficult to do. Some find it even hard to imagine. But what if you HAD to step away for a couple of weeks. This happened to me once, a story for another time. The important thing to remember is that anything is possible if the dream is big enough.

This week’s challenge for you is to figure out how to make some time for you in your schedule this summer.

Here are your fitness business tips for the week: (Please let me know if there are other topics that would be helpful to you.)

To prepare yourself to be able to step away from your business for a couple of weeks and have no loss in income.

1. Step 1 – Schedule a two week time away in your calendar. Just put the dates down and watch how your mind begins to help you figure out how to do it. Already have time scheduled? Could you double it?

2. Step 2 – Every day do something that prepares your business to be without you for some time. Who do you need to train for what tasks? What systems do you need in place? Who will be in charge if something goes wrong (and something will)? Commit everything to writing and keep a notebook of all the plans you have created.

3. Step 3 – Decide what you are going to do with your time away. This is critically important. The more excited you get about what you are going to be doing, the more your mind will go to work for you helping you figure out what needs to be done now to get everything ready. Note: expect challenges as things will come up. Remember the bigger your desire the more likely you will overcome all of the obstacles.

As a small business owner, your business is a reflection of you and your energy. Figure out how to get away and recharge your batteries. The dividends will be huge for both you and your business. I have seen it over and over.

Make it an awesome day!

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Differentiating yourself from the competition starts HERE!

What do you do? Have you ever been asked that question?

How many times have you been asked that question this year by potential clients/members?

How do you answer it? Are you prepared to answer that question?

What if you are in a room of 20 of your competitors and everyone has a chance to answer the same question – what do you do? Will you say something that people remember as being different than everyone else?

From my experience, the bad news is that this is where most fitness people trip up. And it is so unnecessary. This is your opportunity to shine in comparison to your competitors. To say that you run a small gym, own a CrossFit box, or work as a personal trainer means you are like everyone else.

Differentiating yourself from the competition does not start with a cool new website, regardless of what the website people will tell you. Differentiating yourself starts with how you answer the question – what do you do? The answer is the foundation for everything else in your business, including your website. The answer defines your business and your culture

Mess up on this opportunity and you are leaving money on the table and actually turning people away who would gladly give you money for your programs.

The good news is that there is a way to prepare yourself to truly differentiate yourself from everyone else in the fitness business. One of the first things my VIP clients work on is getting this straight.

The three steps that you must follow are listed below. Follow the steps and do the work. You will be amazed at how everything changes with every conversation you have with potential clients and members.

Here are your fitness business tips for the week: (Please let me know if there are other topics that would be helpful to you.)

To prepare yourself to answer the question, What do you do?

1. Step 1 – Figure out your value proposition –and condense it to a 3 second intro. Yes, you only have three seconds to get someone’s initial attention, figure out how to make it count.

2. Step 2 – Use your value proposition and create an additional, 10 second and 30 second intros. You will need these to follow up on the 3 second intro- assuming the prospects asks for more information. (If they don’t ask, they are not interested in hearing more.)

3. Step 3 – Practice, Practice, Practice. Practice answering the question every chance you get. I highly recommend practicing first in front of a mirror. Notice how you feel. Keep changing your script until if feels authentic, real and comfortable. Then practice on actual people. Notice how it changes the conversation?

Use these three steps to completely change the future of your business by differentiating yourself from the competition.

In a crowded marketplace, the future belongs to the business that truly stands out from the rest. Your business can be that business!

Make it an awesome day!

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