People are Looking for You

This is the time of the year when people are looking for you.

Last week I asked if your business was in hiding. If you took action on the three tips, you have dramatically improved your chances of connecting with potential new clients.

School is in session and people are settling down for the next nine months, including making plans to get into an exercise routine and be more fit.

I know from my days working in big-box gyms, these people are going to need lockers. In other words, they are much more likely to stay with your program for the duration. This is very different than the ground-swell of good intentions in January that end up going nowhere.

The September people tend to be with you for the rest of the school year, or longer. More importantly, they are looking for you now. Right now.

A potential customer that is looking for your services is easier to get involved in your programs IF it is easy for them to find and connect with you. Last week we talked about using your phone to your advantage. If you missed the email, you can check it out here.

This week our task is to do a quick audit, pretending you are trying to find your business as a new customer. Each of these hacks are easy to do and take very little time. They can be really eye-opening.

Have fun and figure out how to be visible to your prospects. By the way, this is something I do every few months.

1. What does Google say about your business? Google your specific industry in your geographical area and see what comes up.(For example: fitness programs in your city). Notice the search rankings and the description summaries for the top 10 searches. Do you stand out? What can you learn from this?

2. What does Google say about you, the business owner? Just Google your name and see what comes up. What could you do to make your business irresistible to someone who checks you out. Hint: differentiate yourself from the competition.

3. What do your neighbors say about you? If you own a facility this can be an eye-opener. I once pretended to be looking for a fitness program and asked the owner of a retail business, located very close to my facility, where to work out. She had never heard of my business and recommended someone else across town! We did not stay strangers for long. (Note: I also asked her how I could help promote her business, which she really appreciated.)

People are looking for you. Make it easy to be found without spending a fortune. Organic is not dead!

Remember, action creates the results you want.

Make it an awesome day!

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Are Is Your Business In Hiding?

Sometimes you just have to look back and laugh.

One thing that stands out from my recent motorcycle crash is how well the protective gear worked. I saved my “hide” for sure. What happened as I stopped careening and tumbling makes me chuckle still.

I had no idea where the bike was!

One minute we were inseparable and the next minute there was absolutely no trace of the bike.

That was a weird feeling.

In my consulting business, I see all kinds of scenarios. One of the saddest has to be a fitness center that, for all intents and purposes, has disappeared. They just aren’t there.

It’s a very weird feeling when the website does not give you contact information on every page. It’s equally disheartening when a contact form inquiry is not answered, a text not returned, or you get a message that a voicemail has not been set up or it is full.

These are terrible business practices. They turn people away, create negative messages about the business, and cost the owner a fortune over the long term.

I know of more than one fitness business that is struggling and their voicemail has not been set up or is “full.” How much more successful would the business be by just paying attention to these little details?

Running a business is hard enough without sabotaging ourselves with sloppy business practices. Make it easy for people to find you and connect with you in a timely and meaningful way.

I had to do a little searching and I did find my motorcycle buried deep in the bushes to the right of me. Kinda like it was hiding from me. 🙂

Here are three things you can do with your phone to make sure it is easy for people to contact you without having to search through the plethora of other gyms, fitness centers and distractions in your area.

1. Is your mailbox full? This is one that is so easy to correct. I am not even going to say any more about it.

2. Is your greeting compelling? Your greeting should be exciting and engaging. This is a very easy way to separate yourself from the competition. Make your message fun and you will see results.

3. Do you have a system for returning calls? How soon do you get back to people. I visit a lot of gyms and one in particular is still reaching out to me on occasion – six months after my initial contact. They are not being pushy, just letting me know they are there for me when I am ready. They make me feel welcome.

Remember, action creates the results you want.

Make it an awesome day!

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Explode Profits Next Week with a Unique Social Network

Does the subject line above appear to be “too good to be true?”

I moved across several states to a completely new small city, where I knew no one, a little over a year ago. The transition was rough to be sure.

I did a lot of the usual networking things, like visit the Chamber of Commerce. I went to social gatherings and specific networking events. I was looking for some private clients to train. Partially because I needed the money and, frankly, I missed training people.

None of the traditional things paid off at all. I was getting nowhere – fast.

I had joined a social network Nextdoor and created a personal page. The site seemed interesting. People were looking for recommendations for skilled trades – babysitters, school carpooling and all kinds of “life” things.

I have not had good experiences starting a business using a social media platform in the past so I was hesitant to do anything with that media.

Then I began to hear from realtors, carpenters, plumbers and others that Nextdoor was a really good source for new business. In the meantime, I found a client through Thumbtack who was interested in my services. We met and he agreed to try out my program. At the end of the meeting he offered me more than I quoted (a story for another time).

My new client lived in my neighborhood and I discovered that he was on Nextdoor, too. We finished out the first group of training sessions, he renewed and asked me how he could help me. I was ready for more clients and asked for a recommendation. He suggested that I create a business listing on Nextdoor and he would jump on with a recommendation. He told me that should get me 3-4 more clients.

I doubted his prediction, but went ahead with creating my listing. He did his part with an amazing recommendation. Instantly, there was all kinds of chatter about my business in the discussions on Nextdoor. The best part was that I was out of town at the time. Friends kept me in the loop and added more positive comments to the discussions.

I returned home with four appointments scheduled. Since everyone had read the recommendations, the sales process was easier than usual. People wanted what I provide, just like the service you provide. All of the sales appointments converted (100%) to clients and my business exploded. The cost in terms of dollars was exactly $0.00. The extra income will be over $25,000 a year.

To recap, spending $0.00 to make an extra $25,000 a year is a really good business model.

My only regret is that I wish I had started taking advantage of Nextdoor a year earlier. Don’t make the same mistake that I made, get involved in Nextdoor today!

Three steps to launch an additional stream of income using Nextdoor:

1. Create a personal page. This is your starting point. You must create a page in your neighborhood. Nextdoor goes as far as to verify your address. Their focus is on creating a credible neighborhood social network and they work very hard to maintain that standard.

2. Create a business page (listing). Create a compelling business listing. By compelling I mean speak to what people want that you can provide. Take extra care to uniquely position yourself as a premium business with an exceptional product, rather than another fitness commodity. The differentiation is critical. Think in terms of your 30 second intro. Expand on that theme.

3. Get a great recommendation. Nextdoor cares deeply about its reputation as a go-to source for credible information, based on neighbor’s experiences. They will not post a business listing without a recommendation from someone in the same neighborhood you live in. However, once they get the recommendation your listing becomes active in your neighborhood and in the surrounding neighborhoods if you select that option. Look through your contact list to see who you might ask for a recommendation. If you find no one, get creative and find a client.

Remember, action creates the results you want.

If this sounds interesting, but you still don’t know how to get a great all-important first recommendation, you can contact me for some ideas – see below.

Make it an awesome day!

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Adrenaline is a Wonderful Thing

Recovery from the motorcycle accident is going very well. Once again, I am so thankful to have had a lifetime of fitness habits and workouts. It pays off in so many ways!

The accident was a new experience for me. It is very different than a car accident, the biggest difference is that you’re exposed to a lot of variables. Facing each of these variables has left me processing the “lessons learned.”

Immediately after the accident several people stopped to help me get things righted again. Each asked me if I was okay before departing and I assured them that I was fine. My plan was to put everything back together as best as I could and get home. Adrenaline is a wonderful thing.

The pain in my knee was getting stronger, but I figured I could overcome that and power my way through. But I noticed that my resolve was weakening, too.

Then I noticed a motorcycle approaching and slowing down. This approach was very different. The rider had confidence and deliberateness exuding from his every move as he parked his bike and carefully accessed the situation. My thought was, “Who sent this guy,” immediately followed by, “I am really glad he is here.” His name was Sam.

He took over and I was immediately grateful. He got me back on a safe path forward. I won’t go through all the 100s of details, but Sam is a motorcycle rider, and an off-duty policeman. This was not his first rodeo.

Using Sam as my guide and mentor I began making quality decisions; drink water, forget about riding home and calling AAA, sitting down and relaxing while waiting. The list goes on and on. A few hours later I was safely in my hometown at Immediate Care.

Without Sam, I am not sure how the day would have gone. Without my willingness to listen to Sam, I am certain the day would have ended poorly.

For all of us, we are either in business for the first time, or are experiencing first-time challenges weekly, if not daily. We think we can power through. It might work, and it might not. You already know that odds on that dilemma.

I have always sought out and leaned on mentors to help me get to the next level. In addition to a number of people who have simply paid it forward for me, I have also spent a lot of money on coaches and mentors. Every penny was worth it.

The biggest and most important thing you can do for your business is to decide what you want and get a mentor to guide you through the process. Listen to them and do what they are telling you to do. It will likely be uncomfortable at first. Roll with it.

Here are three ways to prepare for and attract the perfect mentor into your life:

1. Admit (Re-Admit) what you really want. Oftentimes, we dumb our expectations down after a series of disappointments and unrealized successes. Do just the opposite. Dream big – revisit the dreams you originally had when you started your business.

2. Be totally honest with yourself. Explore the fears that have been holding you back from getting what you really want. Yes, it all comes down to a fear of some kind.

3. Find a mentor or business coach. Once you have worked your way through #1 and #2 above (that process could take as little as 5 minutes – it’s just a decision) start looking for someone qualified to help you. Many people will try to convince you that they are the perfect fit for your needs. Choose carefully. You want someone who has been there and done that, someone with a track record.

If this seems like a sales pitch for my business, it really isn’t. It’s a heartfelt challenge to you to take advantage of all the resources at your disposal to move your business and your life forward. Remember action creates the results you want.

Not everyone takes advantage of the Complimentary Business Consult with me. Some people are just looking for ideas and a starting point. Some are ready to really make an impact on their community, and their profits. Either way, I guarantee (literally) you will get a lot out of our conversation. Call me at 585-737-3316 and I’ll help you get rolling. If you get a busy signal it’s because I’m coaching other coaches. Just leave a message and I’ll call you back.

Make it an awesome day!

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