Retail Lessons for the Fitness Professional

I went into a Walmart yesterday; something I have not done for years.

I guess I just haven’t had a need to visit the super store in a long time. This was a little different as I was not looking for anything but information from the manager.

I recently purchased an RV and I plan to do some distance traveling. I have known that RVers are welcome to park overnight at many Walmarts and I wanted to hear from the manager how it all works.

I couldn’t help notice the people in the store. I am sure it’s the same everywhere (I seldom go to super stores), but what struck me was the general fitness of the typical customer. It seemed that most people I saw would benefit greatly from a fitness program.

I am not preaching, but for the fitness professional I see an unlimited opportunity for growth. This is especially important at this time of the year as we look forward to a new year and new goals.

It’s always exciting to set new goals and envision building on the success we experienced last year.

But the trick is how to make the goals become a reality. Previous issues of this weekly email have addressed this issue, but this issue is about how to really make your goals stick for 2018.

Here are three critical steps to take starting next week, or better yet, today.

1. Think Small. Take your big goal and break it down into the smallest, first steps you need to take. More specifically, it needs to be something you can work on every day for just a few minutes to make it a daily activity. I highly recommend no more that 8-10 minutes on this activity at first.

2. Think Repetition. Take your daily activity that will lead to your goal and schedule your 8-10-minute time block in your calendar to work on this activity every day for the month of January and February. Habits are not created in three weeks. It takes 60 days to really make the habit stick.

3. Keep Score. Create a way to keep track of your activity visually every day. A simple red “X” on a wall calendar is a great place to start. Every day that you complete your activity, put your red X on the calendar. Your goal is to not break the chain of red Xs for 60 days.

At the end of 60 days you will have created a habit that is leading you to the accomplishment of your goals for 2018. This pattern always works for those willing to do the work. Looking back, you will amazed at how “easy” it was to accomplish that worthy goal.

Remember, it’s never too late, action creates the results you want.

To your success!

Force Multiplier for the Fitness Professional
6-Figure Trainers and Coaches

A Huge Retail Lesson for the Fitness Pro

Yesterday I stopped by the post office to mail out my packages.

I timed it perfectly, so I thought. To my surprise there was a huge line. I guess everyone else “timed it perfectly, too.” It wasn’t all that bad because one of the workers behind the counter was enthusiastic. He was a comedian that kept us all entertained. This guy was really good and all of us ended up smiling, and relaxing.

There are two lessons for all of us in this. The first is that humor can make a dreaded situation tolerable and even fun.

The second is that it’s not too late to promote our programs. People are people. They will be doing things last minute and looking for a convenient good deal.

This is an opportunity that should not be overlooked. I learned this a few years ago. For the heck of it, I sent out one more email promoting a special coupon. I was convinced it was too late and I was wasting my time.

I was wrong – completely wrong! The email had lots of activity and even a sale, to my surprise. The sale turned into a lot of money in the following year and a lot of networking doors were opened because of that sale.

Here are three things you can do last minute to help out a late shopper in need, and your business at the same time.

1. One more email. It’s not too late to send out one more email. You should include a story of interest to your customer, such as last-minute eating tips or something similar that is relevant to the season. Be personable and relevant first.

2. Special one-time only discount coupon. At the bottom of the email outlined above, how about a coupon for a one-time only discount? Make the coupon good for only a short time, such as through midnight on Christmas Eve. This can be a great last-minute stocking stuffer, but make sure you frame your offer in such a way that the purchaser can download, or get an email with a physical stocking stuffier.

3. An value added service. Again, for a very short time offer a value added product. For instance, every new client enrolling in your program for a very limited gets something they would ordinarily have to pay for, something along the lines of a special free t-shirt.

Remember, it’s never too late, action creates the results you want.

To your success!

Force Multiplier for the Fitness Professional
6-Figure Trainers and Coaches

How will you compare to business of the year?

I am busy, and I know you are busy, too. This email will be short and to the point.

We are ending the year on an all-time high! Starting in two weeks, we will be announcing the 6 Figure Trainers 2017 Business of the Year Awards. We have two categories this year, one for Personal Trainers and the other for the Small Gym category.

This week, I want to let you peek behind the curtain, so to speak, and see what criteria we used in determining our winners. It’s interesting that the criteria we used is exactly the criteria that our winners used to create massive business growth. It’s all one and the same!

There are several metrics that we key in on when making this selection, and three in particular that take a higher priority than the others.

The three-pivotal metrics are a financial plan that includes financial growth, a marketing plan, and personal development.

Here are the three-key metrics we used to evaluate 2017 performances, in more detail:

1. A Financial Plan that Includes Growth. Most of us get into the fitness business because we genuinely care about people. We combine our passion for fitness and our passion for helping others. This is a critically important starting point. However, we soon realize that there is a lot more to running a business. We find ourselves being swallowed up with aspects of running the business that we never considered. Suddenly things aren’t as much fun as they used to be. Most of us do not fully comprehend the need to manage finances proactively and resort to running our business out of our checkbook. We don’t need to be financial wizards, but we do need to know and understand our financial picture. Implementing some basic systems go a long way in deepening our understanding of our real business. Then, knowledge is power, and we can begin to create our future as this year’s winners did.

2. Marketing Plan. If you build it they will come works great in the movies. Yes, if you have a really great program you will attract people and they will tell their friends. Sooner or later we all realize the need to have a constant system to create a source of new people coming to your business. We feel the need to be proactive and not just depend on organic growth. Equally troubling is the number of ways that one can waste their marketing time and money chasing things that lead nowhere, and simply aren’t applicable to a small business with limited time and money resources. When a marketing system, however simple, is put in place, the change is dramatic.

3. Personal Development. This a big one. A small business grows as fast as the owner(s) grow. For most of us, for me in particular, this was a challenge in the beginning. I just couldn’t wrap my head around this thought. Then, as my business started to grow, I began to realize that the business growth followed my personal growth. We find the same to be true with all of our VIP coached/mentored clients.

We will feature one of our winners in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, take a minute to reflect how you and your business measures against these three key metrics

Remember, action creates the results you want.

To your success!

Force Multiplier for the Fitness Professional
6-Figure Trainers and Coaches

Why You should Model Gratitude

As much as I dislike shopping for groceries, I like eating good more and the trade off is another dreaded trip to the grocery store.

In the checkout lane, as I was cashing out, the cashier asked me if I wanted to make a contribution to a local charity. This happens often at this time of the year in most communities.

We all have our conditioned response and my response has changed over the years. Now when I am asked, I don’t have to even think about it. My response is “yes” as I have the amount added to my bill. It wasn’t always this way for me for a variety of reasons that I won’t get into.

Of all the responses I have had over time, the automatic yes leaves me feeling the best. Even if the amount is small, the act of giving to those less fortunate is a very gratifying experience.

What I have found even more gratifying is leading a collective effort with my clients and members to do something nice for the community at this special time of the year. Not only do we all feel great, it has usually turned out to be one of the best things I could do for my business.

Don’t get me wrong, it has never been my intention to use a fundraising event to build my business. It’s just that the event had produced more goodwill and new business for me than I could have ever imagined.

Here are three things you can do for the community that will make you, your clients and your members feel great about the organization you created. Is there anything more powerful than that?

Remember that people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. 

1. Special workout for a charity. Find a charity near and dear to you. Better yet, find a cause near and dear to one of your customers. Hold a special workout to honor that person or charity. Charge a separate fee or create a donation box with the expectation that all the participants contribute something (the amount does not matter) to the cause. Send 100% of the money collected to the cause.

2. Mitten Tree. Set up a Christmas tree in a prominent location and collect clothing items, such as mittens for a local charity that helps needy families. Again, if you can find a customer tie-in to a local cause, all the better.

3. Food Collection. Do you have a local food cupboard? Instead of collecting clothing as outlined above, how about collecting non-perishable food to be donated to the local organization that supplies meals or food to deserving populations?

These strategies, with a little creativity, will also work if your business is primarily one-on-one training.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you get lots of pictures and post your activity and presentation on social media, bringing focus and attention to the people who contributed and made the event happen.

Remember, action creates the results you want.

To your success!

Force Multiplier for the Fitness Professional
6-Figure Trainers and Coaches