Your Bathroom is Part of your Marketing Plan

The grey haired, highly respected and distinguished professor stood in front of the Areas and Facilities class on the very first day of the class.

He said, with great authority and impact, “If you only learn one thing from this class remember this, keep the bathrooms exceptionally clean. This is the most important thing to remember about your facilities.

It was my senior year in college. This was one professor I had a great deal of respect for. This was one of those classes I was looking forward to, not because of the course content (facility management), but because I could learn from such an accomplished man.

His words have followed, even haunted, me at times for my entire professional career.

Every facility I have ever managed has always had exceptionally clean bathrooms (restrooms). I made that priority #1 and trained my staff accordingly.

Things can go sideways and often do. If we had a janitorial problem and priority #1 was at risk, I grabbed the mop and did whatever necessary to resolve the situation.

The professor had it right. But I have learned a deeper truth from the experience. Restroom cleanliness is not a facility issue, it’s a marketing issue. Yes, a marketing issue!

Think it through. The times when you have used a public restroom. If the “facilities” were dirty, smelly or whatever your impression of everything else went down. If they were spotless you found it easier to be understanding of other slight oversights, such as poor wait service.

In fact, if you are at a restaurant with poor service, but the restrooms are spotless, you think less of the waiter and not less of the owner. But if the restrooms are a mess you blame the owner and no one else.

People always talk about the restroom cleanliness with their friends. They advertise for you automatically and for free. Word of mouth marketing and advertising costs you nothing, but remember it’s a double-edged sword. You do have control over what they are saying.

In today’s world, a remarkably clean restroom is a rare and unique find. People love to talk about it when they find such a thing.

Stand apart from the crowd and have the cleanest restrooms around. Make it happen.

I am always surprised how fitness professionals view marketing.

At 6-Figure Trainers, we know that marketing relates to everything you do to get your facility and program up to high standards first, then add traditional marketing strategies. If you buy into the hype of the so-called experts, that their marketing strategies will get you all kinds of customers and will solve all of your problems, only to find that you ended up losing market share, and money, then it’s time to do something different.

6-Figure Trainers is a disruptor in the fitness industry. We disrupt assumptions, slick sales presentations, guesses and innuendo with the facts of how it really is, what really works for fast sustainable growth.

For more ideas on things you can do to improve your marketing, join us for our Free Webinar on July 3 at 2:30 pm.

Do yourself a favor and make this the highlight of your Independence week celebration.

Remember, you will only get results if you take immediate action on your ideas.

To your success!

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Two Heads Are Better Than One

Over the last few weeks I have been going through my final stages of downsizing.

You know the drill, selling things that I want to get rid of. I have a perceived value in my mind and, even after sharply discounting, the buyer still sees the value very differently.

It’s an interesting process, especially in an economy doing so well. The ‘used stuff’ market is in a slump in my opinion. None-the-less, I need to get rid of stuff, in particular a high-end all aluminum trailer.

This has turned out to be very similar to selling a high-end fitness program. I realized I was not attracting the right market by posting on the usual online sites. Frankly, I was not sure where to find the right buyer market. It was frustrating. Sound familiar?

Some neighbors and I had one of those impromptu summer evening meetings where you stand around and catch up with each other. The subject of the trailer came up.

Out of the blue, one woman said to park it out by the road. Not just any spot but a very specific spot. She walked me to it and outlined her recommendation, most specifically the traffic patterns and the types of people passing by at those hours – lots of pickup trucks with high paid workers (discretionary cash and a hunger for “toys”).

This woman is not in business, does not have a marketing degree, is for all intents and purposes a very ordinary neighbor. And she has the best solution yet. I was                                            temporarily stuck on the challenge of using social media. She had a fresh set of eyes and was willing to share her recommendations.

This is the power of the Mastermind. Two or more minds coming together to solve a problem or to create a new future. It’s extremely powerful.

As Napoleon Hill said:

The Mastermind principle: Two or more people actively engaged in the pursuit of a definite purpose, with a positive mental attitude, constitute an unbeatable force.

Running a business can be a very lonely journey. Sometimes what you need most is other people and a fresh look at things. This is why I created the 6-Figure Trainers program. We are adding the Mastermind group as a way to help you get to that next elusive level. Check out the PS below.

As for my trailer situation, I have relocated it and changed up my presentation approach. And, most importantly, I have a new sense of hope. I know – it’s only a trailer, but the greatest lessons in life are usually the simple things.

Finally, want to try out the mastermind experience for free and learn how to attract your ideal members? See below.

Remember, you will only get results if you take immediate action on your ideas.

To your success!

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Pearls of Wisdom from the Road

I am so pumped up. Yesterday was road trip time, and what a great trip it was.

I got to enjoy the outdoors on my motorcycle and visit three different fitness businesses.

Talking to fitness business owners is a very rewarding experience for me. Each person I talked to is impacting the lives of their clients in profound ways.

Of course each business owner has challenges. It’s part of being in business.

Several times I heard these sharp people offer insights that can only come from real experience. I want to share those insights with you.

#1. “You’re always looking for that next member.” – Andy.
My thoughts: I have lived this and I hear this all the time. It’s like a constant drum beat in the background that never goes away. I also learned that is does not have to be this way. The key is a good marketing strategy.

#2. Everyone pays close attention to the guy who is always complaining about something. But the reality is that guy is likely never going to spend a penny more than he/she has to and they suck up your time. What about the guy in the corner who is quietly working out and really wants something extra and would be willing to pay for it?” – Mark
My thoughts: There is a lot of wisdom here. Something for all of us to remember.

#3. This is the best damn meeting I have had in a damn long time.” – Brian
My Thoughts: (This was in response to one of our 45 minute Complimentary Consults.) This is why we do what we do at 6-Figure Trainers.

The reality is that business success turns predictably on the little decisions we make. Add these decisions up and soon you have a completely transformed business that meets all of your expectations and goals.

Thanks to the people that invited me to check out their businesses yesterday. You gave me renewed hope and energy for the 6-Figure Trainer program and our mission – to help gym owners and trainers create businesses that satisfy them in every aspect of the business. Being around you was inspiring.

Speaking of being inspired, we are taking registrations for our Mastermind On Ramp program now. You can learn more here.

Remember, you will only get results if you take immediate action on your ideas.

To your success!

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Knowing When to Upgrade YOU

There is an old story I remember where a door-to-door salesman stopped by a house on a hot summer day. On the porch was an old-timer rocking in his rocking chair. Next to him was a dog lying on the porch deck. While the old man rocked away, the dog would occasionally let out a distressed howl. The old man just kept rocking away. Irritated, the salesman eventually asked why the dog was howling. The old timer answered that the dog was sitting on a nail and it hurt him. Perplexed, the salesman asked why the dog didn’t move. Still rocking away, the old man answered that the nail didn’t hurt bad enough to move, just enough to complain.

This story always reminds me of my days as a distance runner. It’s a story you see, too, the runner who continues to run in minor pain because it just isn’t that bad…That was me.

I see it in business all the time, too, owners uncomfortable and in some pain, enough to complain but not bad enough to take action.

The bad news with that kind of pain is that it gets worse unless action is taken.

They wish things were different, they know something has to change, and usually they are not sure where to start. They really don’t see a clear path forward or know a game plan for moving forward.

Before you think of this as a sales pitch for the service we provide (which we do, by the way), there are numerous ways to move forward and begin to minimize the pain and create a new future.

The path of progress has been traveled many times over and is well documented. It’s information readily available to anyone in the form of libraries, Internet searches, books, magazines, self-study courses, Mastermind groups, trade journals, blog posts – and the list goes on. In fact, there is so much that it can be, and usually is, overwhelming

The fastest way forward has never changed. It’s to be around the people that have what you want. The people who know what you need to do to get to where you want to go. Think apprentice, not the TV show, but the tradesman of years gone by. For many professions it was required, and the student had no choice.

Today we have choices. We can complain like the dog on the porch, hoping things will get better, or we can take action now. The fastest way is to take a hard and honest look at the people around you and invest time and money in yourself to achieve your upgrade in the fastest way possible.

Remember, you will only get results if you take immediate action on your ideas.

To your success!

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