Marketing is Easy with This Foundation

I have gone on record for saying that most fitness professionals, and most business owners, would rather go out of business than sell their product.

Some people (most people) object to this truth. In fact, so did I when I first heard it.

I had a business with a product people needed. The customers I had absolutely loved my service and told me so frequently. I was really good at getting lasting results with people.

So why didn’t I have a constant flow of new people knocking at my door wanting my service?

Confused, frustrated and always anxious about where the next member or client would come from pretty much summed up my struggle. I was making enough money to survive, but always felt I was living on the edge,

Then I realized the real problem was me. I was not marketing or selling my services. I was simply hoping that new people would find me and my great product.

In those days I did not understand what marketing and sales actually was. I thought of it in terms of Corporate America, branding, imaging, discounting, and online/digital campaigns.

I was in for an education and it revolutionized my thinking and, in turn, my business.

I learned that I did not know how to market or sell and I learned these skills could be developed, quickly.

I learned the small fitness business has a number of HUGE advantages over “big box” and “globo” gyms.

The three most important things I did to change my future, and the same three things you need to do to change your future:

  1. Became crystal clear about what I really offered.
  2. Crafted a clear and compelling message I could share with people about what I did.
  3. Used variations of my message to promote (let people know) what I offered in carefully and strategically selected ways, marketing channels.

None of this is as easy as it looks. This is the “what” part of the transformation equation. The foundation to build on. The other part of the equation, and the most important part, is how do you make these changes.

How did I go about doing this and how would you do the same?

I read lots of books and hung around different people. You can, too.

The three things listed above are, first and foremost, internal changes in the mindset of the fitness business owner. Once these internal changes occur external changes in the business occur, usually at a surprisingly fast pace.

Your life and your fitness business will change in direct relation to the books you read and the people you hang around. It’s not simple.

The 6 Figure Programs were created specifically to help fitness professionals develop businesses that thrive rather than survive. We have the programs and the methodologies, the what you need to do strategies.

If you want to hang around people that are making things happen in the fitness industry you should consider our Reboot and Restart program. It’s designed to guide you through what you need to do and how do to do it, in a small group setting of like-minded people.

If you’re looking for the shortest path to fitness business success, this is for you.

Remember, you will only get results if you take immediate action on your ideas.

To your success!

Force Multiplier for the Fitness Professional
6-Figure Trainers and Coaches

Most Fitness Business Owners Would Rather Go Out of Business

Most fitness business owners would rather go out of business than sell, or market, their product.

Agree or disagree?

Most fitness people disagree with that statement. But it’s completely true.

In the fitness business, we have an awesome product and there is an undisputable growing market for what we provide.

So why are so many fitness businesses more hobby than business, operating on the very edge of financial solvency? Losing money month after month? Or, in complete frustration, going out of business and walking away from their true passion to help people?

I lived that way for a while, too. And I hear it all the time in my mentoring business. Fitness professionals are always “looking for that next member or client.”

Meanwhile people in the community are constantly looking, even desperate at times, to find a solution for their fitness and health goals, and willing to pay for this service. People who live right in your neighborhood.

The two are not connecting and solving each other’s problems.

The problem is that the fitness professional is not selling their services, not marketing their services. By not doing these two things, they are frustrated, anxious and financially strapped.

By not selling their product and marketing it, they are choosing to go out of business, making a choice to go out of business.

People find the time and money to do what they really want to do. We tell our fitness clients that all the time and it applies to us, too!

When we don’t find the time to do what needs to be done, we are giving power to the opposite. In this case marketing and selling your product or going out of business. It’s that simple.

Most business owner make all kinds of sacrifices to build their businesses. They downsize their life. They take on a part-time job, downsize their house, live on someone else’s income, make incredible sacrifices. They choose this path over marketing and selling their products. They choose to go out of business rather than sell their products.

When I admitted this hard cold fact and took immediate and consistent action, my business turned completely around in a very short time.

Most business owners are really now aware of the choice they are making. Some, perhaps you, angrily object to this truism. It is a true statement because I saw it in my life and my clients’ lives and I, as well as many clients, have proven the statement multiple times.  And, more importantly, we have proven how to overcome it multiple times.

If you’re not selling and marketing your services every day, you are completely responsible for any disappointments and shortfalls in your business. Period.

I hear, “But I don’t have time” – all the time… I don’t buy that excuse, and neither should you. Everyone has a lot of wasted time every day that could be applied to selling and marketing. “But I don’t have a budget for marketing,” is another excuse. There is a lot you can do without a marketing budget at all.

Sometimes there is an even bigger questions, “How do I market? How do I sell? What is marketing, really?” All great questions, and there are easy answers for most of these questions.

For example, you have a voice mailbox attached to the phone number posted on your website under “Contact Us.” A prospect calls while you are teaching a session but can’t leave a message because your voice mailbox is full. You have made a decision to not sell or market your products.

If your prospect can leave a message and you don’t return it faster than the voicemail they left for your competition down the street, you have made a decision to not sell your products.

This is marketing and sales in its simplest form. There are numerous other examples of things that cost so little, in time and money, and yet, business owners don’t attend to the details, thereby making a decision to struggle or to eventually go out of business.

It’s a choice I see people make every day.

You want your business to be outstanding and the most respected in the community (the most desirable position to be in!)? Pay attention to the details. Learn, grow, learn more, grow more…

It’s no secret that I experienced all of this and learned some hard lessons. Then I got smarter and started asking for help from other people. Not just anybody, but successful people. I listened and implemented, and business grew quickly.

I am giving you the same opportunity. Few will take advantage of it, but a select group of success minded people will.

For the next 24 hours you can view the webinar we hosted last week. There is a lot of good content to get you thinking and taking action. For the DIY crowd, focus on the core content sections. There is also an offer for our next session of the Master Mind On Ramp Class which we renamed Reboot & Restart Your Fitness Business, for those who want (or need) results NOW!

Remember, you will only get results if you take immediate action on your ideas.

To your success!

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6-Figure Trainers and Coaches

Here’s How to Solve the Marketing Puzzle

I am still on the road returning from visiting family for the holiday.

Every road trip for me is a combination of recreation, discovery and business. I really like checking in with fitness business professionals and visiting different gyms and workout facilities.

Whether I am talking on the phone with people or checking out a facility, it seems there are several themes that the conversation inevitably turns on and one in particular is marketing.

Marketing can be the big hairy monster in the room, hard to understand and ever harder to tame. Or so people think.

Everyone is concerned about their marketing efforts. Everyone feels they are not doing enough marketing. Almost everyone feels that social and online marketing is the skill they need to master, but they don’t have the time to do it right.

There is so much to the marketing puzzle. Online is simply one piece of the puzzle. An important piece but not the most important piece of the puzzle.

At 6-Figure Trainers we teach marketing skills. We are not a marketing company. We are a mentoring and education company. We teach skills and bring knowledge of what actually works to the table.

We teach much more than just marketing, but marketing is a fundamental, and very important, skill for the business owner.

And it’s not that complicated, at least the way we approach it.

I could go on and on about this topic but frankly there is a better way to get this information to you.

This afternoon at 2:30 Pm (EST), we are hosting a free webinar, Marketing to Your Ideal Customers.

You are invited.

This is a free webinar that goes through the process of how we teach marketing.

You don’t need a big budget. You don’t need special skills.

You will learn marketing strategies you can put in place today that will cost you no money.

Clear your schedule, attend the webinar, stay focused, take notes and you will see marketing for your fitness business in a completely new way.

I look forward to having you on the call. Grab your spot here.

Remember, you will only get results if you take immediate action on your ideas.

To your success!

Force Multiplier for the Fitness Professional
6-Figure Trainers and Coaches

How is Your Business Independence?

Like a LOT of other people, I am out on the roads traveling this holiday week.

Having the holiday in the middle of the week makes for an interesting celebration. Do we celebrate on one day, one weekend, or all week?

I remember a television show on July 4th several years ago. I seldom watch television, but this show caught my attention. It was about how the USA is the best place in the world to have control over what we do, how much money we make and what kind of vacations we take.

Many successful people were interviewed and the common thread among the successful was that they owned a business. They spoke openly about the opportunities and successes they had because of the business they owned.

I was psyched. I was sick of working for the “man.” But where to start?

I decided to follow my passion and build a fitness business. The problem I faced was that all of my education and training did not include anything about running and owning a business.

Determined to find a way, I called successful business owners in the town where I worked and offered to buy them breakfast in exchange for hearing their story of how they started and then built massively successfully businesses.

Every one of them hesitated to meet, but I persevered and every one of them met with me. I listened intently to everything they told me. I took notes. I bought breakfast.

What I received in return was an education in the truest sense. I felt prepared and, frankly, more than a little scared.

I took the plunge, like most of you reading this email, and started my business. Then the learning really began.

Every July 4th I reflect on that television show and my journey in business building and entrepreneurship since watching it. I reflect on my goals and what I have learned.

I have learned that successful fitness businesses, and all businesses, have three prominent characteristics.

First, they have and depend on systems for everything. Most started as one person’s dream and evolved and grew when other people were added to the business. Systems for everything is the key.

Second, successful business owners have excellent control over the finances of their business. They know where things stand constantly. They know and only trust the data.

Third, successful business owners know, manage, and stay close to all of the marketing aspects of their business.

While there are many other things that demand attention, most can be delegated to some degree or another.

How are you with your systems, especially the finance and marketing systems of your business?

I highly recommend that you commit your thoughts to writing. Do a written analysis and evaluation of your performance in the three categorizes above.

This is one of the most powerful things you can do to celebrate your independence as a business owner. Sadly, most people will find a reason to not take the time for this simple task.

If you find yourself in the rare category that actually takes the time to do this, I am betting your next July 4th will be a cause for a huge celebration. I am also betting the information at the bottom of this email is of great interest to you.

If you are in this rare category, congratulations!

Remember, you will only get results if you take immediate action on your ideas.

To your success!

Force Multiplier for the Fitness Professional
6-Figure Trainers and Coaches