How do you know if you need a mentor?

There is a quaint little town of about 20,000 people five miles from me that is suddenly famous.

Reporters and press people are swarming all over a tiny store in this little town. The mayor is being interviewed as well as local and state politicians, local citizens and business owners.

But the person everyone wants to meet remains a mystery and may remain that way forever.

The town is Simpsonville, SC the home of the Mega Millions Jackpot winner. In case you don’t know the drawing was for roughly one.point.six.billion.dollars. (If I write the number out the spam filters will go crazy.) 🙂

For the record I do not have the wining number in my possession. And frankly, I can’t imagine the problems the winner is facing right now.

I would not have made that statement a few years ago. I have learned a lot since then. My most significant life lessons have not come from school or formal training, but at the hands of some very successful people, my mentors.

I have always had mentors and I would not be where I am today without them. I take this very seriously and intentionally seek out good mentors. Some are dead, some alive, some distant, and some close. I can’t imagine life without them.

I was talking to one of my mentors yesterday about the 6 Figure Trainers business. She observed that many of my clients come to me when things are really bad. If they had only started with 6 Figure Trainers sooner, they would have been so much further ahead. Of course, the next question (good mentors always ask the tough questions) was, how can I get to these wonderful people and business sooner, so I can help them even more.

Questions like this make winners think and elevate their game.

The real answer to the question in the subject line above, is that the entrepreneur business owner always needs a mentor. Maybe more than one. So where can you find a mentor?

1.) Within minutes you can have a Book, a wealth of knowledge and power in your hands. But it does you no good if you don’t read it and apply it. I destroy books with notes in the margins, dog-eared pages and multiple color highlighters. And if the book is challenging or particularly relevant, I read it more than once.

2.) Other successful business people bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Look outside your line of business and learn from other professions. You even might find a networking group to belong to that brings people like this together routinely.

3.) Professional Mentors are people who made it their business to help other businesses grow. Be careful here as this business has a lot of charlatans. Look for someone who has been where you are and got to where you want to go. I always seek out the people that had the biggest struggles to overcome.

If you have a nagging thought in the back of your mind that you would benefit from a mentor, check out your options before things get worse.

At 6 Figure Trainers, we are dedicated to helping you through our mentoring programs. If you haven’t already, check out your options at the bottom of this email.

Remember, you will only get results if you take immediate action on your ideas.

How to explode your business in the next 90 days

I was on Top of Mt. Mitchell, the highest mountain on the East Coast, this last weekend.

It was not what I expected or what I am used to.

My son and I have climbed every mountain over 4,000 feet in the Northeast USA. (There are 114 of them.) It was very special to experience that together and build memories for a lifetime.

With rare exceptions the mountains we climbed were remote, rugged and had few people on the summit.

Mt. Mitchell is different with a paved highway to the top and the final hike is less than 300 yards long. As you can imagine, the top is very crowded with all kinds of people. We had to wait in line to get the picture below. This was a new kind of wilderness experience in the mountains.

It reminds me of the fitness business. It’s so easy to get into this business and many people do for all the right reasons.

We soon realize how crowed the fitness space really is. 

Then comes the reality of making a profitable business out of our passions. 

We are about 10 weeks away from New Year’s Day. Our fitness businesses will experience the usual rush of people who are all excited about their fitness plans but lack the resolve to really make a change.

As fitness owners we can feel a false sense of security and hope every January.

I have three tips to take advantage of the January opportunity without wasting time on people who will never stay with your program. But You must start now, 90 days out!

WARNING: the plan I am about to reveal earned one of the 6 Figure VIP clients $8,000 in October, November and December – BEFORE the January rush. (His annual sales increased $42,000 as a result

1.Create and follow a plan. Take a minute to write out your plan of attack for what promises to be on of the best years in the fitness industry ever. The economy is good, people have money and they are spending it. There is money coming your way, get ready. 

2. Attract only your ideal customers. This should go without saying, but sadly, too many people think that everyone is their ideal customer, Make it abundantly clear in all of your material who your ideal customer is. It will attreact more of the ideal and save you time working with the lesss than ideal. 

3. Create an event. The fitness industry is fortunate because we can treat our prospects to a sample our programs. They don’t have to and shouldn’t, go on faith and hope alone. Of course I am talking about a free trial or an open house event where the prospect can experience what it is like to participate in your programs. Few industries have this advantage.

Your event (experience) should not be “off the cuff” but rather carefully orchestrated and scripted. this takes time to practice and perfect, which is why you should start practicing in October. Then, buy January you have a system and are way ahead of the competition. 

Remember, you will only get results if you take immediate action on your ideas.

To your success!

I Dare You To Try This…

We are in the midst of the second hurricane to pass over/near Greenville, SC in the last few weeks. The impact here seems limited to high winds and lots of rain, but nothing too dramatic.

As the storm approached yesterday from the South, I had fun staying ahead of it on the motorcycle as I returned from another business meeting in Atlanta. 

I really like visiting different gyms, boxes and training centers. You begin to see common themes such as:

I want to build my business, but I really don’t have time to work on the business.

I understand. I’ve been there and felt the same way many times. Up early in the morning and in late in the evening with a constant flow of people that need your energy all day long, can be draining and mentally exhausting.

But there is a simple solution. And if applied consistently over time, it will produce amazing results. The solution is to schedule a 15-minute block in your calendar every day for a week to work on your business. No more than 15 minutes,

Treat this appointment with the same respect you would give a client needing your time. Close your door, mute your phone and set a timer for 15 minutes. Treat your time like your AMRAP. Work feverishly on your project and when the time goes off, stop working on it. Open the office door, un-mute the phone and go back to your day.

The next day pick up where you left off and repeat the process. In a week you will have accomplished a lot.

Then the second question I get is:

What should I focus on when I start working on my business?

If you are thinking this way, congratulations, you are past step #1!

The answer will depend on your situation, but generally focus on the most important things that will move your business forward.

If you are not certain what your priority should be, it is likely the one you are most uncomfortable with. There are lots of reasons for this that I won’t get into here, but it usually works very well.

What works even better is to talk to someone who has a business building perspective and ask them what they think. They can give you suggestions/direction in a very short time.

Take caution to seek the counsel of someone who has been where you are and has achieved success. Don’t take advice from someone who has a theory and no evidence of success.

If you are ready to go to that next elusive level, take advantage of our Complimentary (FREE) conversation. I guarantee you will come away with at least one actionable challenge that you can start on tomorrow. Check out the PS below.

Remember, you will only get results if you take immediate action on your ideas.

Is Facebook Advertising Worth It?

I am in Atlanta attending a training conference as you read this.

For the record I am not multi-tasking. Not me. I wrote this yesterday. Programmed to send to you at our regularly schedule Thursday time.

As the title, Thursday is all about content. Of course, there is an offer at the bottom. We have so many good things going on and I feel an obligation to bring them to your attention. Then you can decide for yourself. 

If Facebook marketing worth it?

We talk to a lot of fitness people every day. After a while you notice common themes. Among them:

  1. I need more members
  2. What I need is marketing and people are telling me to use Facebook
  3. I need Facebook marketing
  4. I have someone doing Facebook marketing for me
  5. I want a done for me program like Groupon

It seems every fitness professional is constantly looking over their shoulder for that next member.

Then they pretend they are a big corporation with bottomless pockets to create a brand, or they listen to someone with a theory that Facebook advertising and marketing is the answer. It might be helpful if used in the right context, but with rare exception, it’s not. Keep in mind that I am talking about paid Facebook advertising, not the free stuff. 

Often the Facebook proponents are also the people who you discover have a full voice mailbox after you listen to their message telling you to leave a message.

I know Facebook advertising can be effective for the right business situation, but is it right for you? Probably not. In fact you probably don’t need it at all!

All businesses need an established marketing plan in place long before they even consider paid Facebook advertising.

There are so many marketing opportunities, often free, that should be established and managed daily. Think traditional because it still works

  1. Market to your customers first
  2. Market to the neighborhood second because there are more people in your neighborhood than you can ever possibly serve, who are looking for your service and don’t know you exist. 
  3. Make yourself visible both online and offline.
  4. Get your messaging straight and make it an integral part of your culture 
  5. Take advantage of every appropriate free marketing channel available to you
  6. Measure everything and focus on what gives you the greatest return on your expenditure of time, energy and money.

Once you do all these things, then you are in a position to accurately evaluate the need and the wisdom of additional paid advertising.

Most likely you will be stunned. I see it all the time with our VIP clients

Here’s my shameless segway promo that I promised you. We have a great marketing program for our VIP clients that we are now offering as a group program!

You can participate in the beta testing of the roll out and build your marketing program in 21 days. This is an unbelievable deal, but you need to move quickly to secure one of the coveted remaining slots. See the PS below.

Remember, you will only get results if you take immediate action on your ideas.