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The Lifeblood Of Your Fitness Business

I dropped a friend off at the airport a few days ago in her car. She is going to be out of town and did not want to leave her car at the airport. Driving someone else’s vehicle is always an interesting adjustment. The exterior mirrors, the interior mirrors, the seat all need to be […]

How do you know if you need a mentor?

There is a quaint little town of about 20,000 people five miles from me that is suddenly famous. Reporters and press people are swarming all over a tiny store in this little town. The mayor is being interviewed as well as local and state politicians, local citizens and business owners. But the person everyone wants […]

I Dare You To Try This…

We are in the midst of the second hurricane to pass over/near Greenville, SC in the last few weeks. The impact here seems limited to high winds and lots of rain, but nothing too dramatic. As the storm approached yesterday from the South, I had fun staying ahead of it on the motorcycle as I […]

Is Facebook Advertising Worth It?

I am in Atlanta attending a training conference as you read this. For the record I am not multi-tasking. Not me. I wrote this yesterday. Programmed to send to you at our regularly schedule Thursday time. As the title, Thursday is all about content. Of course, there is an offer at the bottom. We have […]

How to build your marketing strategy.

I wrote in yesterday’s email I would be making a big announcement today. The announcement is really about an opportunity to radically alter the path of your business for the better. First, let me give you a little background. As most of you know I have a lot of years’ experience in the fitness business […]

Stop Turning Prospects Away!

I am between trips as I write this email. My last trips were a bit stressful because they were just before and just after hurricane Florence visited South Carolina. All of that is behind us, and I can reflect, and share with you, a huge observation from one of my last trips. In general, the […]

How To Show You Really Care

I just returned from a 10-day road trip on the East Coast. I got home to Greenville, SC just before hurricane Florence is predicted to hit the coast. Throughout my travels I saw all kinds of evidence of emergency preparation. It is truly amazing to see how we pull together as a country when we […]