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I was a volunteer last weekend at a local triathlon. My job was to hand out finisher’s medals at the finish line. This may be my favorite volunteer job at any sporting event.

I love seeing people’s faces light up when they cross the finish line and accomplish their goal. Everyone reacts a little differently, but the common theme is incredible self-satisfaction. For those of us in the fitness business, these are the magic moments that make everything we do so meaningful and priceless.

The energy I gained from these finishers, will power me for days, and I know you experience this satisfaction every day too.

Here are this week’s tips to help you build an indestructible fitness business – now.

1. For you – This book will give you great insights on how people really make decisions and why your tribe is so critical Sway by Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman.

2. For Your Business – What do you do? Have you written it down for all to see? CrossFit answers the question, “What is fitness?” In 100 words. Your challenge this week is for you to describe what you do in 100 words. Take a few minutes and write out in compelling and interesting terms what you do in your business.

3. For your Clients and Members – Quote: “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” How can you show your people more, of how much you care?

As always, please let me know your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions about these posts, the fitness industry, and anything else Fitness Biz.

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10 Minutes A Day Will Change Your Life!

10-minutesWhen I was swimming yesterday I noticed my feet like never before!

As a triathlete, I’ve swum many miles over a number of years but what was interesting about yesterday’s swim is that I noticed my feet in a way I have not noticed them before. I could feel the water moving around my feet in a pattern that I was not used to. I was surprised and thrilled.

As one of the early adopters to the sport of triathlon in the early 1980s, I was a huge fan, and student of, the long-distance training model. It was what we knew then, and believed to be the best training model. The long-term impact, as we know now, is wear and tear on the body, especially the connective tissues. My feet and lower legs have paid the price of that long-distance training and I have not been able to run any kind of distance in many years.

I decided in January of this year that one of my New Year’s resolutions would be to work on the condition of my feet. I reached for my copy of “Ready to Run“, by Dr. Kelly Starrett, on my bookshelf and began in earnest the study of my feet. I like very much what Kelly says in his book about the power we have to heal ourselves. And most importantly I wanted to believe what he said about being able to recondition the body to be able to run again.

What he was asking for wasn’t much, simply 10 minutes a day. I began on January 1 committing to 10 minutes a day each and every day. The first few days the exercises I decided to work on were very painful. Undeterred I kept up with the program and in about 10 days I noticed a little improvement in my flexibility and a lot less pain. I have continued with the 10 minutes a day program, although many days it expands to 20 minutes. Frankly, I am motivated to spend more time on the exercises because of the positive results I am getting. My feet are becoming more flexible! When I was swimming the other day the sensation I felt of the water moving around the outside of my foot was a result of the increased flexibility.

I am truly amazed that the impact 10 minutes a day has had on my feet. More importantly, the 10 minutes a day routine has had a huge impact on my attitude. I have decided that each month I will add a new 10-minute habit to my routines. At the end 12 months, I know I will have been able to tackle some things that have been on my mind for a long time.

In the fitness industry, people are always interested in making changes. Often times I see that they want huge changes very quickly but are unwilling or unable to change their habits. Usually, this is because they perceive that the new habit will take more time than they have available in their day. I believe everyone can find 10 minutes in their day.

When you set goals for yourself or help your clients set goals, try the 10-minute guideline. Get your client, or yourself, to commit to 10 minutes a day for a minimum of three weeks. Based on my experience, and what I’ve seen from other clients, I believe they will see some success within the three weeks and, therefore, they will be motivated to continue. If they don’t see success something isn’t quite right and I would recommend trying a different goal. When a person sees success, they become even more motivated to put in the time to solidify the habit. Once the new habit has become a routine, the results are guaranteed.

Besides noticing my feet when I swim, I have actually been able to do some running again. It has not been for a long distance and it usually consists of a running/walking combination. The exciting thing is that I can see that in a few more months I should be able to run again.

Perhaps most importantly I am super motivated about finding results in other areas where I apply the 10-minute rule.

When you’re helping your clients set new goals, try the 10-minute plan and watch what happens. I’m positive both you and your client will be thrilled.

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Improving client retention by helping with the New Year’s Resolution.

goal starts on MondayPeople struggle with New Year’s resolutions. Almost all of the good intentions on January 1 have been lost in the day-to-day activities of having a life. This is a perfect time for you to have a conversation with your clients. Everyone in the fitness industry knows the value of a high retention rate for clients. One of the best ways to improve retention in the fitness industry is to establish rapport so that the client knows that the coach/trainer truly cares for them and their situation. There is perhaps no better way to show how much you care about your people than to review and revisit their New Year’s Resolutions with them during the month of February. Here are three things to keep in mind as you do that review.

1.) Schedule a meeting with your client.

Your meeting with your client should be a face-to-face meeting with no distractions. First and foremost, it is a signal to the client how important they really are to you. It also signals to them how important their goals are to you. In your meeting, start by discussing their goals and what they’ve accomplished so far. Take your time and focus on being understanding and patient. In all likelihood they have accomplished almost nothing significant toward their goal and they may be uncomfortable telling you this. Perhaps they have the wrong goal. As you talk with your client about their successes, or lack of, try to find one or two things that they have done that are successes. Be aware that these steps will very likely be very small steps, however they should be the focus of your conversation.

2). Make adjustments to the goals.

If the goal is not the right goal, now is the perfect time to either adjust or start completely over. Talk openly with them about the price they will pay and the reward that will follow. In short, this comes down to having them create new habits. Usually this involves first carving out a few minutes of each day to work on the goal in small steps. It should be energizing to the client. If you notice it is not energizing, but rather seems to be a burden, find something else that actually energizes them. Remember, you don’t want to be misleading them. All goals and resolutions are going to require work. It is important that the client embrace this work. I would recommend that you take a look at my article posted in Linkedin. There you will find more information on goal setting.

3.) Schedule another meeting.

The next meeting you schedule with your client will again be face-to-face. It should be approximately three weeks from your first meeting. Remember to discuss and include action steps that will become the basis of your conversation at your next meeting. The action steps must be small manageable pieces of the puzzle that can be accomplished through short periods of time. In other words, your client will need to develop a couple of new habits. You are the professional and you will easily spot some things that your client can be successful with. These are the things you will celebrate in your next meeting. Before you leave this meeting, make sure you both agree to the day, time and place of your next meeting. Make sure they know you are going to hold them accountable for the small steps you have agreed on.


Meetings like this take time and are often overlooked. Connecting like this with your clients is critically important to your client’s success and in turn your success. Clients who are successful in achieving their goals give your business a huge advantage over all of your competitors.

How do you know how successful your meeting was? That answer quite honestly is the mood at the end of the meeting. Is the atmosphere more energized than when the meeting started? What is the client’s energy? What is your energy? If the answer is that both of you have higher energy, it was a very successful meeting. Successful meetings and interactions like this signal to your clients how important they are to you. Meetings like this also re-energize you and remind you of why you got into this business in the first place. These people will become successful and in turn raving fans and that is what you want in your business. Here is a link to my other article on goal setting that should be helpful additional information as you meet with your clients. Here

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Start 2016 Off Right – Right Now!

Lasr-minuteThree PROVEN* Ninja strategies YOU can use today to generate 1000s of more dollars in 2016

In my last post here, I talked about how to set up your January for tremendous success. I outlined some strategies to implement right now. Don’t worry if you don’t have all of those things in motion, just schedule some time on your calendar tomorrow to get it done. If you do have the strategies in place, congratulations. Your next steps are outlined below.

1. Never Stop Promoting.

10 hours before my most successful Free Trial ever, no one was signed up – NO ONE! It was New Year’s Eve and I was at a party to celebrate the New Year. It should come as no big surprise that there was a lot of conversation about resolutions that were to start the next day, only a few hours away. I kept promoting until the very end – thankfully. Check the personal story at the end of this post for the details and results.

2. Plan to follow up throughout January.

It’s one thing to have people show up for a Free Trial, but can you keep them coming back? You know they are going to be sore and that soreness will remind them of things they don’t want to be reminded of. Hopefully your initial conversation with them planted the seeds of a longer term relationship, including several return visits to your facility. Work with them and keep them coming back to your program. The more they return, the closer they are to making a quality decision to be part of your tribe.

3. Get on the phone.

Nothing compares to personal follow up and follow through. Nothing works better than a phone call. It’s personal and it sends a clear message about how much you care. Chances are very good that your prospect is sore and along with their soreness, they are not feeling as “resolved” as they were a few days earlier. Be there for them and let them know you understand. Let them know this is to be expected. Let them know that this will soon pass. Remind them (gently) that they made a quality decision and they are on the right track. Texting, messaging and emails are all great, but the opportunities for dynamic exchange of ideas is best served through a phone call. If they don’t take, or can’t take your call, they will still understand the depth of your caring when they hear your voice message.

*PS The Proof that this plan works.

Several years ago I had put all the things in place that I talked about in my recent post. I had a pretty good idea that no one was going to show up for the Free Trial, because no one was signed up. Undeterred, I kept promoting. I was at a New Year’s Eve Party and of course resolutions and fitness came up. I promoted the Free Trial that was just a few hours away at this point in time. People started talking and encouraging each other. Some of my clients at the party got into the promotion and offered to accompany the new prospects! I was very careful to be sensitive to the new people who were anxious to try my fitness program, but who were also intimidated by very enthusiastic stories they had heard from their friends. My goal for the evening was to be encouraging and understanding, and my clients at the party began to follow my lead. It seemed like everyone had agreed to attend the Free Trial, but there was alcohol involved (it was New Years!), and I had no idea if people would actually follow through.

The next morning, I watched a line of cars coming down the driveway ten minutes before the Free Trial was to start. This was the biggest turnout for a Free Trial I had ever had with over 20 people in attendance! We didn’t stop with just one free trial. I followed the steps I outlined in my last post, and engaged everyone in a series of events throughout the month of January. The impact over the next 12 months was well over $10,000 and the lifetime value of these new clients was a multiple of that. The best part is that every one of those prospects is still involved in fitness programs and everyone remembers the party, the conversations, and the fun they all had at the Free Trial. Those New Year’s Resolutions stuck!!

Summary: They key is to have a variety of activities planned, promote all of those activities in as many channels as possible and never, never, never give up. This is the best time of the year to increase you profitability for the coming year! Good Luck!

Guaranteed Growth Strategies for the New Year

Perssaonal-training-Business-3Three Steps to Take Immediately to Explode Your Fitness Business in 2016

The New Year’s celebration brings a renewed energy to people who want to make improvements in their life and near the top of almost everyone’s list is exercising more, eating better and taking better care of their health. This is what you and your business are all about!

It is a well known fact that most of these people will not last with their fitness goals. However, this natural flow of interest in fitness is a potential boom for the aware and prepared Small Gym Owner and Personal Trainer. This year you can capture more of these leads and get more clients for your programs and services, than ever before, using this proven plan:

1. Let people know now that you are available to help them with their fitness goals.

Plant the thought now that people can have a different outcome next year if they work with you. Advertise and promote your offerings through newsletters, email, flyers, announcements and personal promotions. Make your promotions helpful and genuine in your concern, and ability, to help new people achieve their goals. Mix your media up and do something every few day to keep your services at the top of people’s minds. Remember that you are planting seeds of interest. Do not expect to see any results until well into the month of January.

2. Plan your January out now in detail.

January 1 is the perfect day to have a Free Trial or an Open House. The interest for fitness will likely never be hotter than it is on January 1st. Not possible in your case?…., at least plan out some events for the first week of January. In either case, let your existing customers and clients know your plans now. They will be talking to their friends and you want your raving fans to be highly recommending YOU.

3. Plan for the long term.

Don’t look at this opportunity as only a one-day event. New people will try your programs and likely get sore. Enough soreness and they will ditch you and return to their comfortable, inactive lifestyles. Be prepared to help them through the rough spots. Rather than have a one-time event for them, create a series of events throughout January (for your clients as well as your potential new people), that will showcase your programs. The more events you have, the better your chances are of getting new people fully engaged and involved, for the long-term in your business.


In the fitness business we have a unique opportunity once every year and it is just a couple of weeks away. Organize and plan your activities now to really capitalize on the opportunity and your business will be off to a great start for an incredible year.


Keep promoting your special programs right up until the last possible minute of 2015, and well into the month of January. In my next post I’ll share a story of how these techniques added a 5-figure increase to my annual sales, jut like it will for you!

…Ron Gordon a highly regarded consultant, and speaker in the fitness business. His very successful fitness careers included serving as a YMCA Executive Director, owner of a full service Health Club, Founder and Owner of a CrossFit Affiliate and the Founder of a high end Personal Fitness Training Business. A teacher at heart, his passion is helping other Small Gym Owners and Personal Trainers earn 6-figure incomes and enjoying the lifestyle of their dreams…

Free Fitness Business Consultation

Everyone agrees that the fitness world is rapidly changing. What worked very well yesterday may or may not have much life tomorrow. The smart gym owner is studying how to improve their business as well as providing an exceptional service on a day to day basis.

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  3. What we’re looking for is to hear your biggest concern regarding your business going forward.
  4. Through the course of conversation we will offer a couple of thoughts that may be helpful.
  5. Through the course of the conversation we will both be better equipped to understand what you need to accomplish your goals and get to your perfect lifestyle.

In our Free Fitness Consultation everything is confidential and anonymous.

We have the experience and resources to help any Trainer or Small Gym Owner to get on a path of profitability and lifestyle. You do not have to sacrifice one for the other.

Set up your appointment today and be prepared for the new fall season!

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Good Trainers and Coaches have HEART

Coaching for weightliftingUsually people are looking for a personal fitness trainer or a coach for one of two reasons. If you are just getting started in a fitness routine or program a good mentor can make all the difference to your success in developing new habits. If you have been doing a fitness program or workout routine for a while, there is nothing like partnering with a professional trainer or coach who can guide you as you shake things up and blast through any plateaus and totally re-energize your routine.

Finding the right trainer or coach is critical but what should you be looking for in a trainer or coach?

After years of training people and coaching the trainers and coaches, it all comes down to a few simple things. In a Nutshell, does the trainer/coach have the right skills and attitudes which can be summed up in the acronym HEART?

H in heart stands for help. Is the trainer helpful? All too often in training, personal trainers seem to be helpful but they are only helpful in certain areas. Is the trainer helpful and understanding across the board with all types of people in all situations surrounding wellness? Fitness has grown from aerobics and weights, to include nutrition, mobility, flexibility, injury prevention and general wellness habits as a minimum..  If the trainer is truly helpful, through knowledge and experience—it’s something you can feel and you’ll know by a variety of signals as to the degree to which they’re able to help.

E stands for enthusiasm.  Is a trainer enthusiastic? There’s a vast difference between being a cheerleader and enthusiasm. Enthusiasm sustains day in and day out in all situations. In life sometimes things are not going well. In those situations does a trainer remain enthusiastic or do they become part of the pity party too?

The A in heart stands for attitude. Perhaps the best way to evaluate an instructor’s attitude is asking yourself the question: Do I feel better being around this trainer and more empowered or do I feel neutral of even less empowered? These little differences are very subtle and at the same time, are very significant. There’s an old saying that people are either wind in your sails, or an anchor on your tail.  Day in and day out is your trainer truly wind in your sails?

R stands for relatable. Can this trainer relate to everyone? This is a tall order. Relatability is something that is not easily accomplished. Most people have different types and characteristics of people that they relate well to, and less to others. A good trainer can understand a high level athlete as well as a “newbie” who is just beginning to get involved in a fitness program. A good trainer will make an all-star athlete and a newbie feel equally welcome, equally successful, equally challenged and equally accepted in their own unique ways. This is not an easy task. Sorting out prospective trainers based on this criteria is critically important.

T in heart stands for technique. How are the instructor’s techniques? Are they constantly improving? There are several techniques that a good trainer would have. First and perhaps foremost is technique for various training lifts and movements.  Second would be the trainers approach to creating workouts, we all need balanced workout construction and options. Equally as important as any other techniques is people skills. Does the coach have people skills. Do they motivate you to do your very best? Do they bring out the best in you and everyone around you?

Bonus Criteria: How about the coach’s continuing education plan: What are they are participating in? What was the last training seminar they attended?

When looking at a potential new coach or instructor, always ask yourself do they have HEART.

Special Note: If you’re looking for a brand new gym in a new area, I highly recommend checking out several gyms. Measure each coach and instructor against the “HEART” criteria. How do they stack up? How do they compare? Spend some time and get comfortable with your options.

For a copy of the form outlining the heart system that you can use with each gym you check out contact me at iron46r@gmail.com.

Good luck with your search and let me know how it goes.