BELIEVE_RON_GORDONOn his seventeenth birthday Ron severely hurt his back in an accident. He was told by doctors that he would never be able to do anything athletic again. Eighteen months later he was a walk-on gymnast on a collegiate gymnastics team.

Personally committed to a lifetime of fitness and an avid outdoorsman he qualified for and finished the lronman World Championship Triathlon in Hawaii three times. In 2004 he completed climbing all of the mountains over 4,000 feet high in the Adirondacks, to become an Adirondack 46r. In 2007 he and his son together finished climbing the 115 mountains over 4000 feet in the Northeast United States to become members of the NE 111ers. In 2014 he set a World Record for the longest continual row on a Concept 2 rowing machine for his age group. In 2016 he qualified for membership in the Iron Butt Association by riding a motorcycle 1,ooo miles in 24 hours.

Ron’s experience spans several professions and different key leadership positions and his favorite roles have always been in the fitness industry. He had a very successful career in the YMCA and owned and managed a full service Health Club. As a Personal Fitness Trainer – he trains a wide variety of people including many top CEOs, business leaders, medical professionals, moms, teenagers, children, seniors and age group athletes. He was the Founder and Owner of CrossFit Gordon and the CFG Computrainer Multi-Rider Center.

rON_TROPHYAt a very energetic ripe old age of 62, his life-plan called for something more and he created the 6-Figure Trainers Program for coaching and mentoring other business in achieving their business dreams.  His clients enjoy great success, satisfaction, prosperity and balance in their lives.

In addition to his vast experience in the industry he brings to his clients a unique level of compassion gained from his teenage years when he was told that he would never be able to do anything athletic again.

Ron’s answer to why he is so passionate about what he does, “I believe in fitness and the wellness lifestyle. I like seeing people do things that only a few weeks earlier they considered impossible, especially my latest passion – business owners. They are the life blood of the fitness industry.”