Critical Tools for Working on Your Fitness Business

I had a chance to get out on the motorcycle and explore some new areas this past Memorial Day weekend.

I traveled through an off-road area that had experienced forest fires last fall. I expected total devastation but that would not describe what I saw. There were some rough spots but the trees, for the most part, looked very green and healthy.

The fire had destroyed the smaller brush and trees near the ground, but the big trees were green and growing. Very healthy. Nature’s way of cleaning things up a bit.

Of course, this experience reminded me of the fitness industry. Sometimes all we need to do is get the junk cleaned up so the important parts of the business can blossom and grow.

We have been focused on that for the past two weeks. Finding time to work on your business is a challenge for so many business owners. In my experience, it is particularly challenging in the fitness industry.

In this email, I want to focus on tools that can help you in that challenge. Two weeks ago, I wrote about doing a quick inventory about time you spent on building your business. Last week we focused on how to make time to work on your business.

The reality is that most of us still struggle with this challenge. In fact, it is very often a daily challenge, and I mentioned last week the biggest challenge is usually figuring out WHAT to focus on in the limited amount of time available.

You are not alone – 100% of my VIP clients identify these exact challenges as holding their businesses back.

Here are your fitness business tips for the week: (Please let me know if there are other topics that would be helpful to you.)

Here are three key resources to help you stay on track.

Resource(s) #1 – Blank legal pad, small planning book and a calendar. These are used for scheduling your time, keeping notes and writing thoughts down on paper. If it’s not in writing, it does not exist. (Note: Most highly successful people prefer these methods of organization and creativity over digital methods.)

Step #2 – Timing device or stopwatch of some kind. The biggest challenge is focus and there is nothing like working against a clock. Force yourself to get a maximum amount of work done in a short time and then move on to the rest of your day.

Step #3 – Set yourself up for success. We need to associate with similar-minded people through books, associations and a carefully-selected group of people that will keep us accountable. These people are not your members and/or your staff team.

I am here to help. Let me know what you need help with.

Make it an awesome day!

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