How will you compare to business of the year?

I am busy, and I know you are busy, too. This email will be short and to the point.

We are ending the year on an all-time high! Starting in two weeks, we will be announcing the 6 Figure Trainers 2017 Business of the Year Awards. We have two categories this year, one for Personal Trainers and the other for the Small Gym category.

This week, I want to let you peek behind the curtain, so to speak, and see what criteria we used in determining our winners. It’s interesting that the criteria we used is exactly the criteria that our winners used to create massive business growth. It’s all one and the same!

There are several metrics that we key in on when making this selection, and three in particular that take a higher priority than the others.

The three-pivotal metrics are a financial plan that includes financial growth, a marketing plan, and personal development.

Here are the three-key metrics we used to evaluate 2017 performances, in more detail:

1. A Financial Plan that Includes Growth. Most of us get into the fitness business because we genuinely care about people. We combine our passion for fitness and our passion for helping others. This is a critically important starting point. However, we soon realize that there is a lot more to running a business. We find ourselves being swallowed up with aspects of running the business that we never considered. Suddenly things aren’t as much fun as they used to be. Most of us do not fully comprehend the need to manage finances proactively and resort to running our business out of our checkbook. We don’t need to be financial wizards, but we do need to know and understand our financial picture. Implementing some basic systems go a long way in deepening our understanding of our real business. Then, knowledge is power, and we can begin to create our future as this year’s winners did.

2. Marketing Plan. If you build it they will come works great in the movies. Yes, if you have a really great program you will attract people and they will tell their friends. Sooner or later we all realize the need to have a constant system to create a source of new people coming to your business. We feel the need to be proactive and not just depend on organic growth. Equally troubling is the number of ways that one can waste their marketing time and money chasing things that lead nowhere, and simply aren’t applicable to a small business with limited time and money resources. When a marketing system, however simple, is put in place, the change is dramatic.

3. Personal Development. This a big one. A small business grows as fast as the owner(s) grow. For most of us, for me in particular, this was a challenge in the beginning. I just couldn’t wrap my head around this thought. Then, as my business started to grow, I began to realize that the business growth followed my personal growth. We find the same to be true with all of our VIP coached/mentored clients.

We will feature one of our winners in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, take a minute to reflect how you and your business measures against these three key metrics

Remember, action creates the results you want.

To your success!

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