3 – 4 Thursday

We moved again! This time from our temporary apartment into a permanent house. Now we are finally settled, or actually we are in the unpacking stages of settling into a permanent location. It feels great. We downsized significantly 6 months ago when we moved from Rochester, NY to Greenville, SC. And still I find myself amazed at the amount of material things I own.

1. I am thinking about – As I find downsizing more and more appealing to me, I am very appreciative of a blog I have subscribed to over the past several years. Reading Leo’s blogs helps keep me mindful of the choices I am making on a daily basis. Here is the link for Zen Habits, one of the few blogs I look forward to reading. Check out the archives section of his Website.

2. Book recommendation for your business – I am just part way through this book and already I am thinking a little differently about my business. This book is destined to become a reference manual on my desk. Ask.,” by Ryan Levesque, is a must-read if you are evolving your business model.

3. Quote, (or Poem?) on my mind as I plan my summer…

We shall not cease from exploring

And the end of our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time. ~T.S. Eliot

As always please let me know your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions about these posts, the fitness industry, and anything else Fitness Biz.

Be Well,


PS. My new Website is up www.Ron-Gordon.com, and I have a Landing Page for people looking for a Complimentary Business Consultation. Feel free to share these with anyone you think might be interested.