3-4 Thursday 4/28/16

I sent this out earlier, and I am posting it here again in response to a request to have all of the the posts in one place. Thanks for your feedback.


I am attending a marketing training event. The sessions started early this morning and are still going at 10pm. This is my kind of day. Get it done. I am already on overload and there are three more days.


1. I am thinking about – Taking time to work on your business rather than in your business. This is what I am doing this weekend and it is so refreshing. It’s hard to break away, but so worth it. In my experience taking time to work on the business always pays huge dividends, especially when working on a fitness business where everything is constantly changing.


2. Interesting thought from this conference – 90% of every business’s success comes from it’s marketing. How many fitness people believe that success in the fitness business comes exclusively from quality programming and training? It’s a challenging thought worth considering.


3. Quote on my mind this week -“If you hang around four broke people, you will be the fifth.” I guess the same applies to fitness. If you hang around four unfit people, will you be the fifth? What do you think?


As always please let me know your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions about these posts, the fitness industry, and anything else Fitness Biz.


Be Well,



PS. My new Website is up www.Ron-Gordon.com, and I have a Landing Page for people looking for a Complimentary Business Consultation. Feel free to share these with anyone you think might be interested.