3 -4 Thursday, 6/19/16

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Sometimes our hearts are very heavy. My niece and her husband lost a beautiful baby boy this week. It was not a surprise as we all knew it was inevitable, yet the pain runs deep for everyone in our family.

I am so proud of my niece and her husband as they are one of the best examples of courage, faith and strength that I have ever witnessed. They are a true inspiration to everyone who knows their story.

I hesitated to share this information with you, but decided to – as a reminder to all of us to count our blessings and live each day to the absolute fullest. Life is short. Life is precious.

Always take time to celebrate the little things with your immediate family, and to celebrate with your fitness family. It is critically important.

Here are your fitness business tips for the week:

1. For you – Astro Teller’s TED talk, “The Unexpected Benefit of Celebrating Failure,” made me re-think about how I view failure.

2. For Your Business – What do you do? If you have been following these emails you now have a 3-second, 30 second and 3-minute answer to the question what do you do. Let’s put your “intros” up against a quick test. Do you describe what you do in terms of what is important to your prospective clients? Check this short video, to create a huge advantage over your competition.

3. For Your Clients and Members – Do your members ever have questions about stretching or reliving muscle soreness in certain areas? If so, “36 Pictures To See Which Muscle You are Stretching,” might help them. If we could just get rid of the ads…

As always, please let me know your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions about these posts, the fitness industry, and anything else Fitness Biz.

Be Well,

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