3 -4 Thursday, 6/9/16

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I have always loved riding a bicycle. It is so refreshing to be on a bike experiencing nature, exercise, and moving quickly from one location to another. Fortunately, I live in a community (by design) that supports cycling.

I was stunned this last week to discover that there are communities and politicians considering new laws that would require bicycle riders to carry liability insurance, register their bikes with the local government, and be held responsible for car-bike accidents.

I am having a hard time wrapping my head around this concept. Thankfully, the bicycling clubs in Greenville have contacted the local politicians requesting their responses. I will be a better-informed voter in the next elections.

Here are your fitness business tips for the week:

1. For you – Free on Amazon Prime, “The Program,” is a video about the rise and fall of Lance Armstrong. I am not a Lance fan, but I liked the insight into the Tour de France, athletic competition, performance enhancement and elite athletes.

2. For Your Business – What do you do? In the last two emails, I challenged you to write out what you do In 100 words and to create a 3-second intro. The next item we need defined is your 30-second intro (often called an elevator speech). “6 Tips for Perfecting Your Elevator Speech,” is very useful, especially #3.

Note: taking the time now to do these three things, will be extremely helpful to you in our upcoming Free Webinar on Pricing Fitness Programs. See Below.

3. For Your Clients and Members – Summer is a great time for families to create new habits and routines, hopefully involving physically active activities. This article, “Screen Addiction Is Taking a Toll on Children,” may help your members/clients, and it strengthens your role in their life as someone who really cares.

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