The Key To Google For You

At my recent hotel stay in Chicago for the Club Industry Show, I noticed that my room key had a message in writing on it that said, “Time to let me go.” Intrigued, I read below the headline.

This was an invitation to eliminate having a room key by programming my phone to unlock the door to my room for me. That was interesting.

I had expected there would be sessions and speakers at the Show that would focus on the advance of technology and its impact on the fitness industry. My expectations for the Show were spot-on and I was not disappointed.

This message on my room key really surprised me, though.

I travel a fair amount. As a mentor and consultant to small gyms and trainers, I usually make it a habit to visit gyms in whatever area I am in. Last week, I was surprised again by technology when Google alerted me to fitness centers and gyms in the area I was visiting. Google also invited me to sign up for a trial class – right there inside Google. It’s called Reserve with Google.

The new technologies are evolving incredibly fast and there is no end in sight.

There will be many advantages for the fitness industry. Interestingly, Reserve with Google started with the fitness and spa industry.

The most important question for all of us is how can we take advantage of the new and emerging technologies. As sure as the sun comes up, people will be calling you and telling you how their latest new product is the answer, the only answer, to your problems – all for a tidy price.

However, that may not necessarily be true. My research reveals that there is one very important thing you can do NOW to take advantage of today’s technology and prepare for tomorrow’s advances. It’s your trump card.

And it’s FREE!

This series of emails is about helping you be successful. I give you answers and solutions to the problems and opportunities in front of us every day.

This FREE thing you can do today? It’s quite simple. Get lots of Google reviews from your happy members, fans and clients. It drives every other algorithm.

Here are three things you can do today to get Google reviews from your customers and insure your position at the top of technology searches and developments.

1. Set up a Google Business listing for your business. You probably already have this completed, but if not, now is the time.

2. Ask your customers to post a Google review for you. Your satisfied and happy customers will help you with this. In fact, I have found that they are usually very enthusiastic and excited to be asked for their help. The thing is that they need to be asked, don’t be shy.

3. Monitor your Google reviews. We all get busy doing our day-to-day things. I get it. Been there. Take the time to routinely review what people are saying about you on Google. Besides looking to see what people are saying about you (this should make you feel good, and if you’re having a bad day go reread them), use this as an opportunity to reach out to people and say thanks.

One thing is clear, no matter how technology evolves, the Google review will be critical to your visibility as well as to your business success, It’s a win-win!

Remember, action creates the results you want.

Make it an awesome day!

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