A Prescription For Explosive Business Growth

I became a CVS customer out of convenience. The CVS store was the closest pharmacy to where I lived a couple of years ago.

Then I moved to a new state and shopped several new stores. I was looking for something that was a fit for me. All the stores were clean, nicely organized and had the products I was interested in. Prices were about the same in each store.

In all the stores I was a complete stranger, but at CVS they quickly pulled up my records from 800 miles away, and all of a sudden, I didn’t feel like a complete stranger. This may seem like no big deal but it’s lonely when you move 850 miles away across 6 states and don’t know anyone in the new community.

It was comforting when they reviewed some of my past history with me. I felt a bit more at home.

That experience led me to seeking out the CVS store whenever I needed a product that they carried. Of course, I have a CVS card which sometimes gets me a better price.

Then I got irritated with CVS. They kept giving me these really long receipts. What a waste I thought to myself. (This, of course, without ever looking at the piece of paper that I assumed was all marketing and sales pitches.)

Then one day the cashier excitedly pointed out that I had a 40% off coupon, which she circled on the receipt. That got my attention. So much for my assumptions. What do they say about making assumptions?

The typical sales receipts from CVS is 48 inches long. (See actual picture here). Mine typically have nine (9) coupons with each receipt, and it is all about marketing and sales. But wait- there’s more…

The sales are all targeted to me – to me specifically. They are all I will need in the very near future. My receipt does not have the same coupons that your does. I have tested it to be sure. Now I look at them all the time because they are relevant, timely, intriguing and cost-saving.

This is marketing. Inexpensive marketing. Once the systems are in place, the cost is the 3″ x 48″ piece of paper. How expensive is this compared to media, flyers, mailers, billboards and postcards. There is no comparison. I could go on and on about measurability and data collection, but you get the idea.

We have the same capabilities in our businesses. Whether it’s reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, special accomplishments, or whatever, we have the same capabilities. The same inexpensive, easy and automated capabilities. But are we using it effectively? The businesses that are will be here flourishing in 5 years

Your program and workouts are important, and yet it is the simple extra things that keep people coming back, rather than wandering down to the competition.

What can you start doing today so you are running a thriving business?

Remember, it’s never too late, action creates the results you want.

To your success!

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