Are Is Your Business In Hiding?

Sometimes you just have to look back and laugh.

One thing that stands out from my recent motorcycle crash is how well the protective gear worked. I saved my “hide” for sure. What happened as I stopped careening and tumbling makes me chuckle still.

I had no idea where the bike was!

One minute we were inseparable and the next minute there was absolutely no trace of the bike.

That was a weird feeling.

In my consulting business, I see all kinds of scenarios. One of the saddest has to be a fitness center that, for all intents and purposes, has disappeared. They just aren’t there.

It’s a very weird feeling when the website does not give you contact information on every page. It’s equally disheartening when a contact form inquiry is not answered, a text not returned, or you get a message that a voicemail has not been set up or it is full.

These are terrible business practices. They turn people away, create negative messages about the business, and cost the owner a fortune over the long term.

I know of more than one fitness business that is struggling and their voicemail has not been set up or is “full.” How much more successful would the business be by just paying attention to these little details?

Running a business is hard enough without sabotaging ourselves with sloppy business practices. Make it easy for people to find you and connect with you in a timely and meaningful way.

I had to do a little searching and I did find my motorcycle buried deep in the bushes to the right of me. Kinda like it was hiding from me. 🙂

Here are three things you can do with your phone to make sure it is easy for people to contact you without having to search through the plethora of other gyms, fitness centers and distractions in your area.

1. Is your mailbox full? This is one that is so easy to correct. I am not even going to say any more about it.

2. Is your greeting compelling? Your greeting should be exciting and engaging. This is a very easy way to separate yourself from the competition. Make your message fun and you will see results.

3. Do you have a system for returning calls? How soon do you get back to people. I visit a lot of gyms and one in particular is still reaching out to me on occasion – six months after my initial contact. They are not being pushy, just letting me know they are there for me when I am ready. They make me feel welcome.

Remember, action creates the results you want.

Make it an awesome day!

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