Body Armor for your Fitness Business

Some of you know that I was in a motorcycle accident this past weekend.

As I write this, I am recovering from a bruised knee and ankle. In fact, recovery is way ahead of what the medical professionals predicted.

My injuries were minimal and, all things considered, they could have been much worse.

I have learned:
If you are going to start running you will have an injury at some time.
If you are going to participate in triathlons you will injure yourself at some time.
You will eventually fall off your bicycle if you ride a lot.
If you ride a motorcycle you will eventually have some sort of mishap
If you sit on the couch and watch TV you will die of health complications

There is risk in all activities, just like there are risks in owning a business.

My motorcycle injuries were relatively minor, largely due to the steps I have taken to prepare myself for an accident. At the top of the list was a decision to always wear protective gear from head to toe.

Every fitness business owner needs to prepare for the inevitable challenges of running a business. “Protective gear” for the fitness professional is their contact list. When business takes an unexpected turn, their list of contacts is the first line of defense. It’s your individual insurance policy that will keep you profitable.

How big is your list? How complete is your list? What system do you have to keep your list up to date?

Plan today to be prepared for a surprise turn of events in your business by having a big list of contacts. Consider a big list your business’s body armor, the bigger list the better the protection.

Action Step #1 – Review your list. Take a good look at your list and inspect it for completeness. You should have a minimum of name, complete address, email and phone number. You should have this information for everyone who is in your business now or in the past – since day #1. You never know when this list will come in handy, so make a backup of it routinely.

Action Step #2 – Expand your list. Figure out how to add more names to your list on a routine basis. At a minimum of once a week, you or someone should be tasked with adding names to your list. Make sure each new addition has all the information listed above in action step #1

Action Step #3 – Create a way to tag and segment your list. When the time comes to use your list, and it could be next week, make sure you have a way to easily separate contacts into different categories. For example, be able to separate current, past and potential customers into unique groupings.

As you accomplish the steps above it’s very likely you will see an untapped opportunity in your list. For instance you may have noticed that you have some potential new members that are long overdue for a quick email promoting your programs. Think like a business person and you will likely see all kinds of possibilities. Remember action creates the results you want.

Still having trouble or wanting clarification? Call me and I’ll help you get rolling. It’s my complimentary (FREE) business consultation. Call me at 585-737-3316. If you get a busy signal it’s because I’m coaching other coaches. Just leave a message and I’ll call you back.

Make it an awesome day!

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