Business Emotion follows Motion

I had a client text me yesterday before a training session. She wasn’t feeling 100% and wondered if she should attend the session. I am pretty sure I answered the same way you would answer.

“Yes, come to the workout,” was my answer. In the back of my mind, I was thinking we could always scale the workout back. Besides, she wasn’t really sick. When clients are really sick they send a completely different message.

She arrived and was doing everything written on the white board. When we got to the challenge part of the workout I asked what she thought appropriate scaling would be. We negotiated a little and arrived at an agreement.

The workout was started and she was engaged.  Later that night, she texted me and said she was surprised how much better she felt. Her motion of going through the workout improved her emotions, her sense of well-being.

We see this all the time with our athletes.

It happens in our business, too. The business side of business is not nearly as exciting as training people for most business owners.

Things can get crazy and we can end up “not feeling like it” when it comes to a business task (usually a boring one) that the owner has to attend to.

If the business owner can somehow just manage to get started on the task they will feel much better about it in a very short time. Emotion follows motion. Make the motions to get started and feel the difference in energy and attitude. It all starts with taking the first step.

Ask a long distance runner what is the hardest part of long training run. Most will tell you it’s the first step. Whether in fitness or business, it’s all the same. Overcome the inertia and you are on your way. Overcome the inertia every day and it’s remarkable how much progress you can make in a year. Feeling excited about the business side of our business is an emotion – an asset that helps build the business.

But you may ask how can you do this when most of your business life is a solitary and lonely task. The answer, just like in training, is to start small and build each day.

Below you will find three strategies that will help you take action which, over time, will create momentum and get you ahead of your business and in control. Warning: this sounds so simple but so few people actually follow this simple plan.

Strategy #1 – Start Small. What do you know that really needs to be done for your future? Often these things are not urgent so it is easy to overlook them. Pick only one, the most important one, and determine what the first small step would be. Pick something that can be done in less than 20 minutes max.

Strategy #2 – Time Block. Take your calendar out and schedule a time every day for a week in advance where you will take 20 minutes to work on this all-important task. Continue this every day until the task is complete. Then pick another task and repeat the process over and over for 60 days.

Strategy #3 – Keep a Journal or Calendar. I prefer a big wall calendar where you can put a simple red “X” through each date when you have spent the time working on your most important business building task. One glance and you know. After about three weeks you may find yourself obsessed with getting a red X for the day.

You will likely find yourself really excited about the direction and the speed at which your business is growing.

Make it an awesome day!

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