Do This for Faster Business Growth

The downsizing continues in my life. It has proven to be an exciting journey.

I am sure you are like me and have some things in storage that you look at only when it is time to move them. I have had boxes of things like that and, finally, I have decided, no more. Understand that this was a very difficult process for me. Until now, I just moved the boxes into storage and never thought about them again until it was time to move them again.

Then I came to realize that part of the reason I dreaded moving was all of the boxes that I had to deal with one more time. Well, this time I made different decisions, which were very difficult at first, then got easier and easier.

I have reached the point where I am beginning to feel a little relief with all of the changes. Even as I write this email to you I already feel more centered.

As I wrote last week, the “3-4 Thursday” heading will no longer be in these emails. This is part of my business downsizing. Those words served no real useful purpose and, therefore, they are gone.

What is holding you back in your business life? What are you holding on to that no longer serves a useful purpose?

The problem is that those things we hold on to that are no longer useful actually take up space in our mind. We know they are there and that thought occupies a little space in our mind that would better serve us in other ways.

Think of it like a closet full of things you no longer use. We all have them in our personal and business life. Sometimes it is just our “junk drawer,” but more often it’s a much bigger space.

In my fitness business, I had a collection of things I no longer used. I found selling them, donating or simply throwing them out very helpful to my mindset. At this point, I find donating them to be most rewarding.

This week’s challenge is to downsize something in your business. It could be a closet cleaning, the elimination of a needless system, or something that is mentally holding you back.

If you have trouble deciding what things are holding you back, they are most likely the things you are least excited about.  In fact, you may actually avoid dealing with these things. Funny how that works.

Take action, deal with them and you’ll immediately notice a freeing feeling. This is the energy you can put to good use on other things that will grow your business.

Remember, it’s never too late, action creates the results you want.

To your success!

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