Robotic Lifeguards Coming To A Beach Near You

I watched a video clip of the new lifeguards at Myrtle Beach this summer. What caught my attention is that they are not all human.

This really caught my attention for a couple of reasons. My career in the fitness industry started as a lifeguard. Later in my career I trained lifeguards. I have been involved, directly and indirectly, in more rescues that I can count or remember.

And it’s not anywhere as glamorous as television has made it seem. Terrified, frantic clutching, screaming, and vomiting are words that come to mind to describe many rescues.

The reality of automating the lifesaving process with robots was challenging to my thinking right from the start.

What I saw next impressed me. The robot is a radio-controlled surfboard capable of traveling six miles and hauling six people who are hanging on to the attached ropes on the side of the unit.

A lifeguard guides the rescue board from safety of the shore.

The numerous advantages of this system are immediately obvious. It’s fast, efficient (can carry six people at once), safer for the lifeguard, and the list goes on.

One thing is missing – the human connection – the assurance and comfort the guard can give the victim during and after the rescue.

In a world moving further and further away from face-to-face human interactions, we are experiencing a host of problems this distance between us is creating.

The successful fitness businesses are successful in no small part because of the human connection. Our community defines us equally, if not more, than our program.

Your job is secure. As the world turns, more and more people seek out connections and communities where there is the connection with others, a source of encouragement and a sense of friendship and belonging. A well-run fitness program is the ideal.

Your job is secure. But at what price? Most fitness people have created jobs for themselves and it is both extremely gratifying and extremely demanding. You can end up feeling like you are close to drowning in your business.

The solution is to move from the business owning you (which is really a job) to you owing the business. It’s an evolutionary process and the 6-Figure Trainers is designed to be your roadmap.

Our approach is simple. We don’t send a robot (or sell you a program) out to rescue you, we meet you where you are and provide guidance every step of the way.

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To your success!

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