Does Your Business Really Stand Out?

Note: This guest blog was written by Charles Augustine, Marketing Assistant for the 6 Figure Trainer’s Program. 


We constantly hear from gym owners that they are always in pursuit of new clients.

They experience a level of churn that puts them in a position where it is hard to grow to the level where they will be happy.

If you regularly read these emails, then you know how important it is to distinguish yourself in your market.

Here’s the problem.

When we ask most gym owners why they are different we usually receive a variation of the same answer. Their community and experienced and knowledgeable staff.

If everyone has the same answer, what’s the difference?

Maintaining your clients for decades takes a lot of nurturing. You must create powerful relationships with your people, not just get them in shape.

The truth is even if you’re the best trainer in town, there are other trainers out there who can get them to their goals.

The details are many, but when it comes to getting and keeping lifelong members it comes down to these two steps:

1. Set expectations up front – Your members need to know exactly what it’s like to work with you, what they are going to get out of it, and what level of commitment it will take if they’re going to stick with you for years.

2. Make it the best hour of their day – Many of your clients have great jobs but may not have the most stimulating or exciting 9-5 on a daily basis. You have an amazing opportunity to make the time they spend with you the best part of their day. They will keep showing up for the great results, sure, but more so for a great time. Make it so they look forward to leaving work to go to work out with you and then not want to go home afterwards because they are having such a great time.

These two steps might seem simple or you may feel like you are already doing them, but if they are not the main focus of your interaction with your clients it’s time to step up your game. You didn’t start your business to be complacent.

If you have any level of churn it’s because those members did not understand what they were signing up for and they weren’t receiving the best hour of their day.

It’s as simple as that.

Here’s the pitch. If you’ve tried everything and you feel like your tapped out on the trial and error technique of running your business, give us a call and find out what it’s like to have someone who has been in your shoes and knows what right looks like to help you make you more money and have more time in your schedule.

I can tell you first hand that hiring Ron Gordon as my mentor is the best decision I ever made for my business. I learned how to run a fitness business the right way and how to live the life I intended when I started my business.

Only the best,