Exploding Tire at 75 MPH

This is real short and to the point this week.

I’m traveling on my motorcycle and spending time with family. These things recharge my batteries.

I hope you are recharging your batteries, too. August is the perfect time for us to do that in the fitness business.

Before I expand on that, let me quickly share what dreaded thing happened on the ride north. In the lane to my right, and slightly ahead of me, a tractor trailer blew a tire! Traffic was averaging 75 mph. I heard the explosion and instantly knew I was in a life-threatening situation.

Small pieces of the tire were flying through the air and hitting me and my bike. The bigger pieces were rotating wildly and I knew it was just a matter of seconds before they broke loose.

As best I could, I had mentally prepared for this dreaded possibility. I stayed calm and moved as far away from the truck as possible and accelerated to pass the truck. Thankfully, the rest of the tire broke free behind me. I was prepared and I was lucky. Eventually, my heart rate returned to normal.

Preparation and luck play a huge role in life and in business success.

August is an interesting time of the year in the fitness business. There is usually a bit of a lull before people get serious in September.

Are you prepared for the explosion of interest in fitness about to come your way?

Here are three things you can do NOW to make sure you are prepared and ready.

Action Step #1 – Take a break. If you haven’t already, get some time away from your business. Recharge your batteries. Your energy is your greatest asset and it will be attractive to your potential clients in September.

Action Step #2 – Review your 2017 goals. No matter what has happened so far this year, the last half of the year will be your most productive. It always works out that way and there is science to prove it. Decide now to make the rest of the year your most productive.

Action Step #3 – Decide what one thing you can do today that will move your business forward and do it each day for the rest of the year. This sounds simple and yet it is one of the most difficult things to do. Hint: it is usually something that you are uncomfortable with. But are you going to let your uncomfortableness stop you from the success you want?

Want to have a complimentary conversation about any of these ideas? Call me at 585-737-3316. If you get a busy signal, it’s because I’m coaching other people or enjoying my recharge time. Just leave a message and I’ll call you back.

Make it an awesome day!

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