From Discouraged to the World Championships

This past weekend Greenville was the host for the 2018 Duathlon National Championships – Team USA.

One of my friends was competing and it was a great opportunity to catch up as well as be around a sport that is near and dear to me.

She was recovering from injuries to her feet and had not ran in several months. The event consists of running, then biking and another run to complete the Duathlon. Her lack of running could have been a problem, but she has a long history of running and once she got going everything worked fine.

There are two events in the Duathlon. The days differ only in the cycling portion. On the first day drafting is allowed during the biking portion and on the second day drafting is illegal.  This really requires two different bikes. And there is a huge advantage to a Tri bike on the second day.

My friend had not brought her Tri bike (for the second day) and planned to just use her road bike if she in fact decided to compete the second day. The truth of the matter is that she was discouraged to the point of not really being into the race, although months ago she had entered the race with great expectations – to qualify for the world championships in Spain in 2019.

The first day of racing was discouraging. She had a great run but placed far out of contention for the qualification goal. Discouraged, she decided to compete on day two, but knew she was at a huge disadvantage without her Tri bike.

This is where it gets exciting.

With a little bit of hustle, we were able to get my Tri bike set up for her.

This was a game changer for her. She rode nearly 2 MPH faster and was thrilled with her bike ride and the whole race.

I got a call from her right after the results meeting and she was ecstatic. She had qualified for the Worlds in Spain next year. She said my bike is going to Spain with her.

Having the right tools can make all the difference. In her case the bike was the tool that made all the difference. It empowered her to overcome the obstacles, even her own self-doubt.

That’s why I created the 6-Figure Trainers program, to put the most powerful business tool in your hands – a business coach/mentor.

In all businesses, there are times of discouragement and frustration. Sometimes we lose sight of our dreams, our version of a wildly successful business that seems to keep eluding us, yet we know it’s possible.

It does not have to be that way. Use the right tool and in a short time you will amaze yourself and everyone around you.

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Remember, you will only get results if you take immediate action.

To your success!

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