Get New Members & Clients That Stay With You in 2017

Why offer a fitness business webinar in the busy month of December?

Every year people look for fitness programs on January 1st. It’s common knowledge that a high percentage of them, in spite of all good intentions, will lose their enthusiasm in a couple of weeks.

After decades of working in the fitness industry, I have come to recognize that the fitness industry is largely (more than 50%) responsible for this attrition. The small gym owner, coaches, staff and personal trainers share in the responsibility for this high attrition rate.

I understand completely that many people are enthusiastic and get really excited about their new commitment to fitness, only to lose their emotional energy more quickly than the soreness, from over-doing it, leaves their legs. Can you blame them?

It does not have to be that way.

It is in the coach’s best interest, as well as the client’s, that we consider a different approach. Most fitness professionals that I have known over my lifetime are truly committed to helping their students become more fit and lead healthier lives. The more people we help with this mission, the better we feel about what we do. And incidentally, is there anything more worthy than helping people lead healthier lives? Think of the long-range impact on every aspect of society. From health care to quality family life to longevity and personal happiness.

The fitness professional is in a noble profession, yet many struggle. I see it every day in my consulting business. That is why I have created the programs, consultancy and business model that now motivates me every day.

What if there was a way to lose fewer energized people, who truly want to live healthier lives, each January and to improve the lives of the fitness professional at the same time?

There is a way! 

Based on experience and feedback from trainers all over the country, I have created a program, The Ultimate New Client Machine – to get new members and clients that stay with you in 2017. This program is specifically for the fitness professional. I know that the fitness professional is the key to making the New Year’s resolution possible. When we make a big change in our habits or our lifestyle, we need guidance. That is where the fitness professional comes in – to guide us through those rocky first few weeks.

This program is about helping fitness professionals build better businesses, which, of course, is wholly and completely dependent on helping others achieve their goals.  The two cannot be separated.

The Ultimate New Client Machine – to get new members and clients that stay with you in 2017 is a program that gets to the core of a successful training business. It’s action-packed, challenging and it will require some work. It’s all doable and those that put the work in will achieve new levels of business success, built on helping others achieve their fitness goals.

The material in this program is delivered over three live webinars and participants will have access to the material to review and revisit as they see fit.

More information can be found here: The Ultimate New Client Machine – to get new members and clients that stay with you in 2017.

Through Wednesday, December 14, 2016 the program is being offered at a 40% discount. The price is reduced from $497 to $297.

Seats are limited, so reserve your spot now