Growing to the Next Level

I am three months into a huge change in my life and it is awesome.

By design, and with a fair amount (a lot) of planning, I moved from a house into an RV.

This was a huge change for me and something I have looked forward to for years. I want the flexibility of travel and exploration, while still growing my businesses.

Coincidentally, my move and the beginning of the new year started at nearly the same time. We are approaching three months into the changes, and the new year – the perfect time to do a little inventory.

With every big move there is a period of time that feels like total disorientation. Habits, rituals and routines are disrupted. Everything takes more time than it used to, until the new habits, rituals and routines become automatic.

Whether it’s our personal life or our business life, this is a reality we live with every day.

Some of the things we do are efficient and take little effort. Others are inefficient, distracting and gobble up enormous amounts of energy, usually without us realizing it. They are, after all, automatic responses and we don’t give them any thought – until we are forced to.

Our results in life, and in business, are based on our habits.

When we change our habits we change the trajectory of our lives and our business. The great news is that we can proactively make changes any time we want to, and it pays great dividends.

To make changes simply grab a piece of paper and answer these four questions for yourself and/or your business:

  • What to do more of…
  • What to do less of…
  • What to start doing…
  • What to stop doing…

Sometimes this is called the starfish exercise. The critical step is to take a few minutes and answer these questions. Then take immediate initiative and implement the most important thing for the next 60 days (at least) until it becomes a habit. Your life and business will be changed forever.

Remember, you will only get results from this exercise if you take action on a consistent basis.

To your success!

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