Should you guarantee a fitness product?

I got a call yesterday from someone who wanted me to consider buying their product.

The product sounded good and, frankly, has some potential, so I listened to the sales pitch. So far, everything seemed reasonable and the product was something that I was interested in.

Then I asked the question that seems to stop most salespeople, “So, do you guarantee this product?”

What followed was that awkward moment of silence when the salesperson was trying to figure out what to say. I often wonder what is in the official company playbook for this kind of question. Based on the responses that I usually get, I don’t think there is a chapter in their playbook regarding this question.

The salesperson retreated to the benefits of the product (at least he didn’t go all the way back to the features.) Once again, he was back on track and following his script.

Again, I asked the question about the guarantee and this time he couldn’t overlook the question. Again, that awkward moment.

Shouldn’t every product have a guarantee? I think so.

Do you offer a guarantee for your fitness product? I do and have for some time. It’s not about manipulation to get the sale, but rather conviction in my product, confidence and a restless drive to provide a superior service and to have happy customers.

It may not always be possible to give a money-back guarantee. If a plumber comes to your house and installs new plumbing throughout, it makes no sense to give you your money back or to take all of his work back out if you are unsatisfied. If the company does have a guarantee it speaks volumes to the prospective customer.

What about the fitness industry? Should we have a guarantee? Yes, I think we should for a variety of reasons that I won’t get into here.

Below you will find three types of guarantees that work well in a fitness business

Guarantee #1 – Money-back guarantee. What about a 60-day money-back guarantee? I have seen it boldly offered on the Website.

Guarantee #2 – An exchange for something of equal or greater (even better) value. What could you offer a dissatisfied customer in exchange for a service they purchased from you? One example might be personal training for someone who was disappointed in your classes. Build the case in advance how the PT is worth more than the original investment in the group program.

Guarantee #3 – A donation to a charitable cause. If it’s simply not possible or practical to give money back or to make an exchange for another product, you can be creative with your guarantee. A donation of $100 to a charity of the unhappy customer’s choice, in their name, goes a long ways in helping the prospective customer feel more secure in their purchase.

These are just a couple of examples to think about.

Make it an awesome day!

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