Gut Check for your 2016 Business Goals

Gut CheckThis is the perfect time of the year to take a quick break from the challenge of working in our business to working on our business, specifically our business goals. If you have goals and are on track for the year, congratulations! You are among a rare minority and the rest of this article may not be not for you. If you don’t have them or if you are not on track here is what to do:

Revise or scrap your goal and start over.

If the main business goal for 2016 is not coming together, set aside some time to think. We’ll call this working on the business. Second, keep thinking until you think of something you want for the business and the work you will have to do to get there is slightly exciting. This is important because you will have to love the work in order to achieve the goal. To love the work is to resonate with it. The opposite of love is indifference and if you find yourself disliking, or even more common, indifferent about the work – you are not going to do it. This is where personal and business goals fail almost of the time.

If you find yourself in this situation, change your goals to something that you will not be indifferent about, and reboot your energy. Instead of taking this decisive action, I often see fitness professionals limp along with their old goals thinking something is going to change and motivate them, like some kind of miracle. To use a football analogy, drop back 10 yards to set up a play that will work.

Do you have the right number of goals?

This is a very common problem. People get excited about their goals and in their excitement they create lots of goals. Big mistake. Curb your enthusiasm and focus on one goal and only one. Everything in business takes twice as long as we think and it will and cost twice as much as we anticipate when we start out. The same will happen with your goal because you can’t possibly know all the steps you will need to go through to achieve the goal. In business we make decisions and then do the work as necessary to succeed – as the work comes up.

Working on your business (your goal) and not in your business (coaching) is new to many fitness professionals. Trust me that you will love working on your business once you have the right goal and the work becomes an enjoyable habit. Achieving a goal is simply the result of daily habits. Don’t try to do it all at once, no more than you would try to run a 4-minute mile without lots of prep work and training. The same thinking applies to your business.

Do your habits support your goal?

Look at your calendar. How many times in the last week did you actually dedicate time to, and work on your business? Be honest. It’s not going to happen unless you dedicate some time to it.

Here is what you need to do to start: 10 minutes a day working on your business every day without exception. It’s only 10 minutes, of course 20 is better, but start with 10. Your 10 minutes should be uninterrupted and totally focused, no phones, Internet or other distractions. None! 3-2-1 Go! Set a timer and walk away at the end of the 10 minutes. Come back to it tomorrow and the next day and the day after…. You will be amazed!!

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