Here’s How to Solve the Marketing Puzzle

I am still on the road returning from visiting family for the holiday.

Every road trip for me is a combination of recreation, discovery and business. I really like checking in with fitness business professionals and visiting different gyms and workout facilities.

Whether I am talking on the phone with people or checking out a facility, it seems there are several themes that the conversation inevitably turns on and one in particular is marketing.

Marketing can be the big hairy monster in the room, hard to understand and ever harder to tame. Or so people think.

Everyone is concerned about their marketing efforts. Everyone feels they are not doing enough marketing. Almost everyone feels that social and online marketing is the skill they need to master, but they don’t have the time to do it right.

There is so much to the marketing puzzle. Online is simply one piece of the puzzle. An important piece but not the most important piece of the puzzle.

At 6-Figure Trainers we teach marketing skills. We are not a marketing company. We are a mentoring and education company. We teach skills and bring knowledge of what actually works to the table.

We teach much more than just marketing, but marketing is a fundamental, and very important, skill for the business owner.

And it’s not that complicated, at least the way we approach it.

I could go on and on about this topic but frankly there is a better way to get this information to you.

This afternoon at 2:30 Pm (EST), we are hosting a free webinar, Marketing to Your Ideal Customers.

You are invited.

This is a free webinar that goes through the process of how we teach marketing.

You don’t need a big budget. You don’t need special skills.

You will learn marketing strategies you can put in place today that will cost you no money.

Clear your schedule, attend the webinar, stay focused, take notes and you will see marketing for your fitness business in a completely new way.

I look forward to having you on the call. Grab your spot here.

Remember, you will only get results if you take immediate action on your ideas.

To your success!

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