Holiday Promotions

Last weekend we decided to make one more trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway to catch what is left of the fall colors. It was beautiful for a while. Then, as we reached higher elevations, the weather changed and we were in grey clouds full of snow, ice and driving wind.

That first exposure to winter conditions is always a mixed bag of excitement and stress. The changing seasons are invigorating and a reminder of the coming holidays.

Thanksgiving is only three weeks away.

Are you ready for the holiday season? A great holiday season is the perfect way to get a running start on a fantastic 2018.

Are you planning special events for the holidays to bring in new people, showcase how you can help them and get them engaged in our programs? If not, you should be. Only once a year do you get this kind of opportunity.

Here are three things that should be in your schedule now so you have the time to adequately promote and generate excitement among your members and clients.

For the 2017 holiday season:

1. Special Workouts. Isn’t everyone concerned about how much food they are going to eat at Thanksgiving dinner? How about a special workout on Thanksgiving morning? You could even make it a fundraiser for a cause near and dear to one of your members. Start talking it up now for maximum exposure.

2. Bring a Friend Week. People are busy during the holiday and they are usually more open and filled with that special holiday spirit. In many cases, they are more open to your programs than any other time of the year. In the back of their mind is the need for new goals for the next year. Do what you can to be “top of the mind” when they are ready to get started in January.

3. Special Promotions. What incentives could you offer to get people in the door to try your programs out? A complimentary first session is a great start, but what else can you do to separate yourself from the competition? How about a complimentary week-to-week eating plan starting January 1st? Note: Avoid price discounts like the plague – you don’t want to go down that rabbit hole.

Put these promotions on your calendar today and lay out a plan to make them happen. End the year with more business that you thought possible!

Remember, action creates the results you want.

Make it an awesome day!

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