How is Your Business Independence?

Like a LOT of other people, I am out on the roads traveling this holiday week.

Having the holiday in the middle of the week makes for an interesting celebration. Do we celebrate on one day, one weekend, or all week?

I remember a television show on July 4th several years ago. I seldom watch television, but this show caught my attention. It was about how the USA is the best place in the world to have control over what we do, how much money we make and what kind of vacations we take.

Many successful people were interviewed and the common thread among the successful was that they owned a business. They spoke openly about the opportunities and successes they had because of the business they owned.

I was psyched. I was sick of working for the “man.” But where to start?

I decided to follow my passion and build a fitness business. The problem I faced was that all of my education and training did not include anything about running and owning a business.

Determined to find a way, I called successful business owners in the town where I worked and offered to buy them breakfast in exchange for hearing their story of how they started and then built massively successfully businesses.

Every one of them hesitated to meet, but I persevered and every one of them met with me. I listened intently to everything they told me. I took notes. I bought breakfast.

What I received in return was an education in the truest sense. I felt prepared and, frankly, more than a little scared.

I took the plunge, like most of you reading this email, and started my business. Then the learning really began.

Every July 4th I reflect on that television show and my journey in business building and entrepreneurship since watching it. I reflect on my goals and what I have learned.

I have learned that successful fitness businesses, and all businesses, have three prominent characteristics.

First, they have and depend on systems for everything. Most started as one person’s dream and evolved and grew when other people were added to the business. Systems for everything is the key.

Second, successful business owners have excellent control over the finances of their business. They know where things stand constantly. They know and only trust the data.

Third, successful business owners know, manage, and stay close to all of the marketing aspects of their business.

While there are many other things that demand attention, most can be delegated to some degree or another.

How are you with your systems, especially the finance and marketing systems of your business?

I highly recommend that you commit your thoughts to writing. Do a written analysis and evaluation of your performance in the three categorizes above.

This is one of the most powerful things you can do to celebrate your independence as a business owner. Sadly, most people will find a reason to not take the time for this simple task.

If you find yourself in the rare category that actually takes the time to do this, I am betting your next July 4th will be a cause for a huge celebration. I am also betting the information at the bottom of this email is of great interest to you.

If you are in this rare category, congratulations!

Remember, you will only get results if you take immediate action on your ideas.

To your success!

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