How Owners Sabotage Their Business

I was talking to a friend yesterday about my recent decision to eliminate the extra things in my life and live a more minimalist lifestyle.

She asked what was the hardest part of this process.

My immediate answer was letting go of things. This has been my biggest challenge. My life is rich with a wide variety of hobbies and interests and most of my possessions have a useful purpose or an emotional connection. .

For instance, I had four bicycles and I can easily justify each one, even the one that I only rode a few times a year. And then there was all the gear that went with that particular bike. Or the long sleeve tri-suit that I only needed occasionally. Both are gone now and, to my surprise, I don’t miss them like I thought I would. I have space in my life for other energies.

When we give up something we make space for something else. The same applies to business.

Business owners ae always telling me they need to make a change but can’t for a usually long list of reasons. Often they are hanging on to those excuses out of a fear of some sort.

How do you make room for that new program or initiative that keeps nagging at you, the one you know will make your life a bit easier?

Letting go of something that is not of a high value to your business is the only way to make room for something new and of greater value.

The two choices for the low-value activity are to delete it or to delegate it. For many business owners this choice is not an easy one. That’s your ego talking to you.

It’s a tough choice, but this is the step necessary to turn a new direction in your business. As your business grows, you will face this challenge routinely and continually, before every major breakthrough you experience.

This process is much easier if you have a mentor that can help you see the bigger picture.

In my last post, I talked about how to make massive change in your business. The first step is not to add something, but to delete something that is drawing on your energy.

  • What to do less of…
  • What to stop doing…

These are your low value activities and should be deleted or delegated. Take immediate initiative and implement the most important strategy (delete or delegate) and you will immediately experience some relief, and space to add that critical next step. (More on that next week)

Remember, you will only get results from this exercise if you take action on a consistent basis.

To your success!

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