How to explode your business in the next 90 days

I was on Top of Mt. Mitchell, the highest mountain on the East Coast, this last weekend.

It was not what I expected or what I am used to.

My son and I have climbed every mountain over 4,000 feet in the Northeast USA. (There are 114 of them.) It was very special to experience that together and build memories for a lifetime.

With rare exceptions the mountains we climbed were remote, rugged and had few people on the summit.

Mt. Mitchell is different with a paved highway to the top and the final hike is less than 300 yards long. As you can imagine, the top is very crowded with all kinds of people. We had to wait in line to get the picture below. This was a new kind of wilderness experience in the mountains.

It reminds me of the fitness business. It’s so easy to get into this business and many people do for all the right reasons.

We soon realize how crowed the fitness space really is. 

Then comes the reality of making a profitable business out of our passions. 

We are about 10 weeks away from New Year’s Day. Our fitness businesses will experience the usual rush of people who are all excited about their fitness plans but lack the resolve to really make a change.

As fitness owners we can feel a false sense of security and hope every January.

I have three tips to take advantage of the January opportunity without wasting time on people who will never stay with your program. But You must start now, 90 days out!

WARNING: the plan I am about to reveal earned one of the 6 Figure VIP clients $8,000 in October, November and December – BEFORE the January rush. (His annual sales increased $42,000 as a result

1.Create and follow a plan. Take a minute to write out your plan of attack for what promises to be on of the best years in the fitness industry ever. The economy is good, people have money and they are spending it. There is money coming your way, get ready. 

2. Attract only your ideal customers. This should go without saying, but sadly, too many people think that everyone is their ideal customer, Make it abundantly clear in all of your material who your ideal customer is. It will attreact more of the ideal and save you time working with the lesss than ideal. 

3. Create an event. The fitness industry is fortunate because we can treat our prospects to a sample our programs. They don’t have to and shouldn’t, go on faith and hope alone. Of course I am talking about a free trial or an open house event where the prospect can experience what it is like to participate in your programs. Few industries have this advantage.

Your event (experience) should not be “off the cuff” but rather carefully orchestrated and scripted. this takes time to practice and perfect, which is why you should start practicing in October. Then, buy January you have a system and are way ahead of the competition. 

Remember, you will only get results if you take immediate action on your ideas.

To your success!