How to Turn the Corner Once and For All

Sometimes Spring is a long time coming, and it seems the longer it’s drawn out the sweeter the summer weather is when it finally arrives.

Incredibly, we are a short 6 weeks from the midpoint of 2018 – a great point to pause and reflect on this year’s progress.

Instead of focusing on the importance of knowing and measuring what or why you want something different today, I’ll focus on the how.

I hear from fitness professionals all the time that they want to grow their business, but they don’t have time. We have meetings cancelled all the time because, “A client wanted my time and I have to meet with them because it is my business.”

Quite frankly, that statement is indicative of a business out of control. The author of that statement has a job and not a business, a job that controls them.

A business owner has control over the business.

How do you get there if this is your struggle? The solution is so simple and yet so difficult.

The truth is that people always find the time and money to do what they really want to do. Let me give you an example. Your schedule is booked solid and you have no spare time. I hear it all the time.

Same scenario, except someone you love dearly in your family has a medical emergency and they need your help going to and from doctor’s appointments and treatments for the next two weeks. Perhaps it’s even you that needs lots of medical attention.

Do you say I’m too busy? Of course not. You find a way to make it happen.

What changed? Your priorities changed, and you found the time.

The same happens in business. You find the time when you elevate the priority.

As you can tell, the first challenge is to change your mindset. Making the business a priority will either come from positive motivation or negative motivation. For most people (about 80%), they are motivated by negative circumstances, such as my medical example above. We’ve all dug really deep when faced with overwhelmingly negative circumstances.

A business owner forced into survival mode figures it out, hopefully not too late. Most businesses I see are not in survival mode, but they are not thriving either. It’s a frustrating place to be.

To begin the change process, start with a small change. Take out your calendar and schedule yourself into your calendar for times when you will work on your business rather than in your business. I recommend starting with short 10 -15 minutes blocks of time each day for at least 3 weeks. The trick in the beginning is to establish the habit, you can always make your appointments longer after the habit is established.

Step #2 is to protect those times, just like you would protect time with a client you are training – keep the appointment,

Pick something that needs to be worked on and only one thing. Focus all your meeting time on that one issue and then walk away when your meeting time has ended. Know that you’ve done all you could this day and tomorrow you can continue.

Here is the best part. After about 10 days you will notice that you are energized about the progress you are making in your appointments to work on your business. Success breeds more success and it will get easier and easier to honor your appointments with yourself.

You will start feeling really good about you, and that makes all the difference in attitude. Your business will begin to turn a corner. I see it all the time.

A usual question I get asked is how long people should continue this discipline. This is a newbie question. Someone who had put this in place never asks that question, and never looks back.

To your success!

Remember, you will only get results if you take immediate action on your ideas.

To your success!

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