I Dare You To Try This…

We are in the midst of the second hurricane to pass over/near Greenville, SC in the last few weeks. The impact here seems limited to high winds and lots of rain, but nothing too dramatic.

As the storm approached yesterday from the South, I had fun staying ahead of it on the motorcycle as I returned from another business meeting in Atlanta. 

I really like visiting different gyms, boxes and training centers. You begin to see common themes such as:

I want to build my business, but I really don’t have time to work on the business.

I understand. I’ve been there and felt the same way many times. Up early in the morning and in late in the evening with a constant flow of people that need your energy all day long, can be draining and mentally exhausting.

But there is a simple solution. And if applied consistently over time, it will produce amazing results. The solution is to schedule a 15-minute block in your calendar every day for a week to work on your business. No more than 15 minutes,

Treat this appointment with the same respect you would give a client needing your time. Close your door, mute your phone and set a timer for 15 minutes. Treat your time like your AMRAP. Work feverishly on your project and when the time goes off, stop working on it. Open the office door, un-mute the phone and go back to your day.

The next day pick up where you left off and repeat the process. In a week you will have accomplished a lot.

Then the second question I get is:

What should I focus on when I start working on my business?

If you are thinking this way, congratulations, you are past step #1!

The answer will depend on your situation, but generally focus on the most important things that will move your business forward.

If you are not certain what your priority should be, it is likely the one you are most uncomfortable with. There are lots of reasons for this that I won’t get into here, but it usually works very well.

What works even better is to talk to someone who has a business building perspective and ask them what they think. They can give you suggestions/direction in a very short time.

Take caution to seek the counsel of someone who has been where you are and has achieved success. Don’t take advice from someone who has a theory and no evidence of success.

If you are ready to go to that next elusive level, take advantage of our Complimentary (FREE) conversation. I guarantee you will come away with at least one actionable challenge that you can start on tomorrow. Check out the PS below.

Remember, you will only get results if you take immediate action on your ideas.