I was Mortified when I Read the Subject Line

I would rather not talk about this and simply let it go, but I can’t.

Since it is difficult to talk about, writing this email is equally, or more, difficult.

So why not just pick an easier topic and proceed with that? Because it needs to be addressed and we all experience it.

Here we go…Last week’s email had typos in the subject line and I was mortified when I saw them. Of course, my proofreading skills are 100% accurate after I have sent the email.

I take several steps to prevent me from making typo mistakes. (Proofing my own work is not my strength.) Most importantly, I hire a professional proofreader and I trust her work. Seldom do I change anything after she has returned an email.

Last week was an exception. I changed the subject and preview lines of the email because I thought they needed last-minute improvements. Of course, I thought I had it perfect and it was not until I saw the email in my inbox that I realized my errors.

A couple of lessons here. First, the email was good the way it was. In fact, it was much better than the final product with its glaring errors. Lesson: Good is good enough!

The second lesson is that sometimes things happen, like my typo mistakes. We have a choice. We can feel bad about our unexpected outcome or admit our humanness and move on.

I see this in the fitness world all the time. Owners and trainers that have to get things perfect before they implement a change. And situations where people become paralyzed because something they tried did not work out as expected and they hesitate to try again.

Take your 2018 goals for example. Are you on track for your big goals that you claimed in January? If not, why? Could you be waiting to get everything perfect or have you tried something and it hasn’t worked. If so, you are not alone. I see it all the time.

The solution is to take action knowing that perfection is the enemy and mistakes are inevitable, even necessary, if you intend to grow your business and follow your dreams.

Remember, it’s never too late, action creates the results you want.

To your success!

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