I was Scared but I Saved his Life

I called a former client the other day to wish him a happy 80th birthday.

He was a client of mine for over 22 years. He would still be my client if I had not moved away. To say he is in great shape for his age is an understatement.

In my call to wish him a happy birthday, he gave me the credit for all the great compliments he gets, his health and his energy to explore the world. He told me we started something really great 25+ years ago.

I remember how scared I was to meet with such an influential and successful person. First, I almost never called him out of fear. Second, when I got to the meeting I was going to quote a rate that was twice what other trainers were charging. I was so nervous that I could feel my shirt getting wet from my sweating.

I desperately needed the money and I was so tempted to drop my rates in hopes of getting the sale.

I held my own and with a shaking voice quoted the benefits of my program and my rate. He said YES and gave a check for 10 sessions in advance! I was elated as I walked back to my car and headed home.

Over the next 20+ years his influence and support was instrumental in helping me build a wildly successful business that generated over 90k a year with very little overhead.

A couple of years ago he introduced me to some of his family and said, “This is the guy that has saved my life.” The next time I saw him, I asked about those comments and he shared parts of his story that were unknown to me. He meant it – I had saved his life.

What would have happened if I lost my nerve in that initial meeting? It frightens me to think how that would have turned out for him, for me and for hundreds of other people.

This week, I want to share the three most important things I did to get this client and many other clients like him to be part of my business.

Here are three key resources to help you stay on track.

#1 – Know your value proposition and identify your target market. What do you really do? Spend lots of time here and be able to articulate what you do in such a way that people want to know more. Who is your ideal client? (Hint: It’s not everyone). Define your market carefully.

Step #2 – Prepare, prepare, prepare. Know your business inside out. Practice your presentation. Practice quoting your price often, until it becomes natural. Find and listen to a skilled mentor that can help you.

Step #3 – Be Bold! Boldness = Confidence. Pick up the phone and ask for the appointment. Your ideal clients are probably not going to call you. When you meet, have a plan, know your pricing and hold fast.

I am throwing a lot at you here. Let me know what you need help with.

Make it an awesome day!

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