Is Facebook Advertising Worth It?

I am in Atlanta attending a training conference as you read this.

For the record I am not multi-tasking. Not me. I wrote this yesterday. Programmed to send to you at our regularly schedule Thursday time.

As the title, Thursday is all about content. Of course, there is an offer at the bottom. We have so many good things going on and I feel an obligation to bring them to your attention. Then you can decide for yourself. 

If Facebook marketing worth it?

We talk to a lot of fitness people every day. After a while you notice common themes. Among them:

  1. I need more members
  2. What I need is marketing and people are telling me to use Facebook
  3. I need Facebook marketing
  4. I have someone doing Facebook marketing for me
  5. I want a done for me program like Groupon

It seems every fitness professional is constantly looking over their shoulder for that next member.

Then they pretend they are a big corporation with bottomless pockets to create a brand, or they listen to someone with a theory that Facebook advertising and marketing is the answer. It might be helpful if used in the right context, but with rare exception, it’s not. Keep in mind that I am talking about paid Facebook advertising, not the free stuff. 

Often the Facebook proponents are also the people who you discover have a full voice mailbox after you listen to their message telling you to leave a message.

I know Facebook advertising can be effective for the right business situation, but is it right for you? Probably not. In fact you probably don’t need it at all!

All businesses need an established marketing plan in place long before they even consider paid Facebook advertising.

There are so many marketing opportunities, often free, that should be established and managed daily. Think traditional because it still works

  1. Market to your customers first
  2. Market to the neighborhood second because there are more people in your neighborhood than you can ever possibly serve, who are looking for your service and don’t know you exist. 
  3. Make yourself visible both online and offline.
  4. Get your messaging straight and make it an integral part of your culture 
  5. Take advantage of every appropriate free marketing channel available to you
  6. Measure everything and focus on what gives you the greatest return on your expenditure of time, energy and money.

Once you do all these things, then you are in a position to accurately evaluate the need and the wisdom of additional paid advertising.

Most likely you will be stunned. I see it all the time with our VIP clients

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Remember, you will only get results if you take immediate action on your ideas.