Make a NOT Decision

I am writing you from the oldest inn (at least east of the Mississippi River) in the country.

It’s the Wayside Inn, in Middleton, Virginia, where Charles and I are spending a couple of days refining our programs for the fall.

As you can imagine, the place is rich in history. During the Civil War, the town and the Inn changed temporary owners so often, as first the North and then the South captured the town, the soldiers on both sides decided to NOT burn the hotel since they would need it when they returned.

Interesting logic, it has served us well.

As a result, today we have a beautiful and rich piece of history to enjoy.

Reminds me of running a business.

Every business goes through ups and downs. Things are good and then things are bad, then good again. The cycle continues – it’s a part of life.

While we are going through changing times, what things can we decide to NOT do so we can preserve something for the future?

We can decide to NOT give up on our core values, to continue in our quest to run a successful business AND provide a vitally useful service to our customers and community.

We can decide to NOT keep struggling with the business side of our business.

Most fitness business owners I talk to, and I talk to more and more every day now (5 today) have the second part down, they are continuing to provide a vitally important service to their community, even while they struggle with the business side of the equation.

Sadly, this is true for most businesses, not just fitness businesses.

I just got off a phone call with a 24-year-old trainer. Super guy. He asked me what it takes to change his business model now to avoid the pitfalls and run a successful business.

The answer seems so simple and yet few people will take advantage of it. The answer is to read books and hang around people who have achieved what you want to achieve.

At 6-Figure Trainers, we are about experience. We have walked the walk and learned, sometimes the hard way, what it takes to be successful.

Our mission is to share what we have learned with you, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. So you can learn, and implement, what really works – in the shortest time possible.

Want to join us and reboot your business today? Now is the perfect time to have a real impact on your fall programs, but don’t wait as our times are filling up fast now. In fact, this week all of our available times were booked for the first time ever!

Remember, you will only get results if you take immediate action on your ideas.

To your success!

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