Marketing is Easy with This Foundation

I have gone on record for saying that most fitness professionals, and most business owners, would rather go out of business than sell their product.

Some people (most people) object to this truth. In fact, so did I when I first heard it.

I had a business with a product people needed. The customers I had absolutely loved my service and told me so frequently. I was really good at getting lasting results with people.

So why didn’t I have a constant flow of new people knocking at my door wanting my service?

Confused, frustrated and always anxious about where the next member or client would come from pretty much summed up my struggle. I was making enough money to survive, but always felt I was living on the edge,

Then I realized the real problem was me. I was not marketing or selling my services. I was simply hoping that new people would find me and my great product.

In those days I did not understand what marketing and sales actually was. I thought of it in terms of Corporate America, branding, imaging, discounting, and online/digital campaigns.

I was in for an education and it revolutionized my thinking and, in turn, my business.

I learned that I did not know how to market or sell and I learned these skills could be developed, quickly.

I learned the small fitness business has a number of HUGE advantages over “big box” and “globo” gyms.

The three most important things I did to change my future, and the same three things you need to do to change your future:

  1. Became crystal clear about what I really offered.
  2. Crafted a clear and compelling message I could share with people about what I did.
  3. Used variations of my message to promote (let people know) what I offered in carefully and strategically selected ways, marketing channels.

None of this is as easy as it looks. This is the “what” part of the transformation equation. The foundation to build on. The other part of the equation, and the most important part, is how do you make these changes.

How did I go about doing this and how would you do the same?

I read lots of books and hung around different people. You can, too.

The three things listed above are, first and foremost, internal changes in the mindset of the fitness business owner. Once these internal changes occur external changes in the business occur, usually at a surprisingly fast pace.

Your life and your fitness business will change in direct relation to the books you read and the people you hang around. It’s not simple.

The 6 Figure Programs were created specifically to help fitness professionals develop businesses that thrive rather than survive. We have the programs and the methodologies, the what you need to do strategies.

If you want to hang around people that are making things happen in the fitness industry you should consider our Reboot and Restart program. It’s designed to guide you through what you need to do and how do to do it, in a small group setting of like-minded people.

If you’re looking for the shortest path to fitness business success, this is for you.

Remember, you will only get results if you take immediate action on your ideas.

To your success!

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