More Leads Than I’ll Ever Use

It’s the middle of the summer in South Carolina. This is the time of year that reminds me that I am from the northern part of the country. How long will it take for me to get used to the heat, I wonder.

Working in the air conditioning is a welcome relief. We have so many more days of sunshine in the south that I no longer feel that I must get outside every sunny day – another sunshine filled day is on the way.

Yesterday, I took full advantage of the air conditioning and decided I would add names of prospects to my “list”. Every business needs a list of prospects and the 6-Figure Trainers business is no different.

Where to find names is usually the challenge. There are a variety of sources; including paid lists, online advertising and free sources. I have had mixed results with every option.

I decided to take a challenge and to see how many leads I could find for free in a period of two hours.

I used the free (as I used it) program Reference USA as my data source. I had a clearly-defined description of who my ideal market is. I have a local library membership which allows me to use the program online in the privacy of my office.

I had a little experience with the program before, which made little difference as the program is so easy to learn. All the information is free. One challenge is that you can only download 250 records at a time, but you can repeat this process as quickly as you choose.

So I decided this is like an AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) workout.

Are you ready for this? Within 2 hours I had downloaded over 7,000 records!! I was psyched to say the least.

The records are all in Excel and, with another hour of work, I had sorted about half the records. I have another hour to go and then I am guessing I’ll have about 1,500 qualified leads in an Excel spreadsheet – 1,500 leads ready for me to contact! I slept soundly last night.

The lifeblood of our businesses are sizable prospect lists that we continually grow and manage responsibly. Being able to reach out to a huge group of prospects is the solution to most business challenges.

Now there are other ways to get a huge prospect list. To build my personal training business, I purchased a local community list of about 3,000 names that fit the profile of my ideal customer. With that list I created a $100,000/year income.

Reference USA is primarily a business resource. Names listed for businesses consist of the key leadership. I have used these business contacts for personal training clients, corporate wellness programs, fitness lunch and learns (where I promote my business to the employees after providing free useful fitness-related content), and collaborative relationships. (Contact me if you would like more ideas and details about how to promote your products in a win-win scenario.)

The Reference USA list is there for everyone. Take advantage of it with the three steps below.

Step #1 – Get a local library card. Most libraries have the Reference USA program, but check first to make sure. Once you have the card, you can set up your account so you have access to the program from your personal computer

Step #2 – Define your ideal customer. Once again, it’s critical to know who your ideal customer is. Once inside the program, you do a variety of searches and it is critical to narrow your search down as much as possible.

Step #3 – Sort and refine your new database. I download the information as .csv files and then combine them into Excel. (I like Excel because I am very familiar with it, Google Sheets works as well.) Use the data function to organize your database and delete anything and everything that does not meet your key criteria.

Bonus, Step #4: Use the new database to immediately begin contacting people. For some people, it’s a CRM, but it could also be a mailing. It doesn’t matter as long as you have a plan and put it into place immediately.

Get your name out there now so you come to mind when people start looking in September! Want more ideas or simply want to chat about this, give me a call. It’s a complimentary (free) conversation and I guarantee you leave with a sense of excitement for your future.

You can simply pick up the phone and call me at 585-737-3316. If you get a busy signal, it’s because I’m following up on my new list. 🙂 Just leave a message and I’ll call you back.

Make it an awesome day!

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