Pearls of Wisdom from the Road

I am so pumped up. Yesterday was road trip time, and what a great trip it was.

I got to enjoy the outdoors on my motorcycle and visit three different fitness businesses.

Talking to fitness business owners is a very rewarding experience for me. Each person I talked to is impacting the lives of their clients in profound ways.

Of course each business owner has challenges. It’s part of being in business.

Several times I heard these sharp people offer insights that can only come from real experience. I want to share those insights with you.

#1. “You’re always looking for that next member.” – Andy.
My thoughts: I have lived this and I hear this all the time. It’s like a constant drum beat in the background that never goes away. I also learned that is does not have to be this way. The key is a good marketing strategy.

#2. Everyone pays close attention to the guy who is always complaining about something. But the reality is that guy is likely never going to spend a penny more than he/she has to and they suck up your time. What about the guy in the corner who is quietly working out and really wants something extra and would be willing to pay for it?” – Mark
My thoughts: There is a lot of wisdom here. Something for all of us to remember.

#3. This is the best damn meeting I have had in a damn long time.” – Brian
My Thoughts: (This was in response to one of our 45 minute Complimentary Consults.) This is why we do what we do at 6-Figure Trainers.

The reality is that business success turns predictably on the little decisions we make. Add these decisions up and soon you have a completely transformed business that meets all of your expectations and goals.

Thanks to the people that invited me to check out their businesses yesterday. You gave me renewed hope and energy for the 6-Figure Trainer program and our mission – to help gym owners and trainers create businesses that satisfy them in every aspect of the business. Being around you was inspiring.

Speaking of being inspired, we are taking registrations for our Mastermind On Ramp program now. You can learn more here.

Remember, you will only get results if you take immediate action on your ideas.

To your success!

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