People are Looking for You

This is the time of the year when people are looking for you.

Last week I asked if your business was in hiding. If you took action on the three tips, you have dramatically improved your chances of connecting with potential new clients.

School is in session and people are settling down for the next nine months, including making plans to get into an exercise routine and be more fit.

I know from my days working in big-box gyms, these people are going to need lockers. In other words, they are much more likely to stay with your program for the duration. This is very different than the ground-swell of good intentions in January that end up going nowhere.

The September people tend to be with you for the rest of the school year, or longer. More importantly, they are looking for you now. Right now.

A potential customer that is looking for your services is easier to get involved in your programs IF it is easy for them to find and connect with you. Last week we talked about using your phone to your advantage. If you missed the email, you can check it out here.

This week our task is to do a quick audit, pretending you are trying to find your business as a new customer. Each of these hacks are easy to do and take very little time. They can be really eye-opening.

Have fun and figure out how to be visible to your prospects. By the way, this is something I do every few months.

1. What does Google say about your business? Google your specific industry in your geographical area and see what comes up.(For example: fitness programs in your city). Notice the search rankings and the description summaries for the top 10 searches. Do you stand out? What can you learn from this?

2. What does Google say about you, the business owner? Just Google your name and see what comes up. What could you do to make your business irresistible to someone who checks you out. Hint: differentiate yourself from the competition.

3. What do your neighbors say about you? If you own a facility this can be an eye-opener. I once pretended to be looking for a fitness program and asked the owner of a retail business, located very close to my facility, where to work out. She had never heard of my business and recommended someone else across town! We did not stay strangers for long. (Note: I also asked her how I could help promote her business, which she really appreciated.)

People are looking for you. Make it easy to be found without spending a fortune. Organic is not dead!

Remember, action creates the results you want.

Make it an awesome day!

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