Recognizing and Rewarding Your Clients and Members’ fitness goals.

Recognizing and rewarding clients and members who have committed to fitness goals is a missing component in most fitness programs.

Avoiding this pitfall is the missing piece that will significantly empower your tribe to accomplish their goals. A good recognition and rewards program builds excitement, strengthens commitment and improves compliance. From a business perspective, it builds a stronger tribe and improves retention rates. It’s the right thing to do, and it’s good business at the same time.

You have taken time to meeting with each of your customers and clients to establish goals for the next few months. Everyone is excited and ready to kill it. Then life happens and the challenges begin. Some people are successful, some get discouraged, and some fail completely. This is where you and your fitness business can shine.

We are all very much the same. We want something different and create a goal for ourselves. It’s exciting. Soon the excitement isn’t so exciting any more. It’s tough to accomplish a goal, because it involves new habits and finding time in an already busy schedule.

Those that make it to their new goal are extremely dedicated (very rare) or have an incredible support system around that helps fuel the momentum and keep them on track. In the fitness business, we are uniquely positioned to be the supporting factor that makes success possible. It all comes down to recognizing and rewarding people.

There is a saying that, “babies cry for it, and grown men die for it – recognition.” What better opportunity is there to serve your clients and members than to create a recognition and rewards program for them?

Here are five things you can do right away, today, to recognize your member’s commitment and successful attainment of their goals. None of these cost you anything, yet they give you a great return on the little time and attention you invest in your people.

  1. Display the goals publicly. If you have a facility with a whiteboard, this might be the perfect place for people to post their goals. Make sure it is a voluntary posting and anyone not wanting to post their goal should be made to feel safe in declining the opportunity. Encourage mutual support and encouragement to everyone who posted a goal.
  2. Review progress toward the goal often in private casual conversations. Resembling people’s goals sends a powerful message of caring and concern for your members and clients. Take an opportunity to causally review their progress every couple of weeks. A note in the person’s file that you review before the next session with the client is a great reminder
  3. Make sure the member or client has a reward in mind for the end goal, but also for some of the steps along the way. This a tough one. People are often uncomfortable setting up a reward for themselves. I am not sure why, but most people need encouragement to set up a reward and then to reward themselves when they are successful.
  4. Recognize the baby steps – publicly whenever possible. With the client’s permission (don’t make anybody uncomfortable) take every opportunity to recognize every step toward the goals. A round of applause is a great incentive to the victor as well as to the other people doing the applauding. They will see that their day is coming too.
  5. Celebrate the successful completion of the goal – publicly. Go big on this one. Public recognition is step one. Everybody celebrates! This is also a good place for client spotlight features as well as testimonial and pictures of the celebration. Don’t forget to remind the client to celebrate as they determined in #3 above. I am amazed how many people hesitate to follow through with the celebration, unless encouraged.

Celebrating your clients and members’ successes is a place where you can really shine. People come to your programs with hopes and dreams. In most cases, they have tried the same thing before somewhere else. Yet they came to you because they saw and felt something different. Follow up diligently with a reward system for successful goals completion and you will build an unbelievably strong tribe. You will create raving fans and know that the world is a better place because of you and your fitness business!