The All-Important First Impression

I am back home after a road trip last week to spend time with family.

It was a wonderful time of connection and celebration. We had not seen each other since last fall. I am always amazed how some things change while other things seem to never change.

On the way home, I stopped at a client’s CrossFit Box to do some staff training. We had a great time and covered a lot of ground very quickly. Sometimes a team just needs to hear another voice and a slightly different approach for that moment of inspiration.

We talked a lot about how the fitness world is evolving. We discussed what makes one Box (gym) better than another in a community with lots of competition.

We talked about culture. What is the Box’s culture? What do you want the culture to be? How does one change a culture?

All of my workshops end with a list of 1- 3 actionable items that will be implemented within 24 hours. The world is full of ideas, perhaps too many. The real point of learning something is to implement it asap!

We did a quick brainstorm session and came up with three actionable items. The team at this Box was in total agreement and everyone left the training very excited. Within 24 hours, I received my first picture of results from one of our actionable items. They are crushing it!

I could spend a lot of time on this topic of culture and how incredibly important it is, but I want to focus on three things you can do this week to tweak your culture and none of them has to do with training people!!

These three items are easy to implement, very important and not urgent. (See urgent vs. Important) They are often overlooked as we focus on the urgent and rewarding job of training people. And, to make matters worse, we tend to take these things for granted which is the last thing we should do.

The critical thing is to look at each of these items from the eyes of a beginner, someone who is walking into your facility for the very first time.

Three actionable things you can do today to get this process started:

Strategy #1 – Front Entrance. What impression is your front entrance giving off? Is it organized, welcoming and warm? Do people immediately see something motivating and energizing? You only get one chance to make a good first impression and your entrance way is your chance. Make the most of the opportunity.

Strategy #2 – Restroom/Bathroom Cleanliness. This is critical. Your restrooms need to be clean, neat, organized and welcoming. They need to SMELL clean, too. You simply cannot put too much emphasis on cleanliness in this area.

Strategy #3 – Office Organization. Your office sends a huge message to your members and clients. It’s your workspace. You and/or your team will use it for a variety of reasons including talking to people at those times when you need a private conversation. Is it warm and welcoming? Does it send the message about your culture that you want it to send? What will a new person sitting in your office learn about you and your business? You have the power to create that message.

In previous issues of this weekly email, I have talked about the difference between important tasks and urgent tasks, and time management. We are all busy and it’s normal to pay less and less attention to these details as time goes by. Clutter builds up, dust builds up, we become complacent without even realizing it.

Take a good look at these three critical areas of your operation and do whatever is necessary – it’s usually not much – to tidy things up a bit. Your clients will get a sense of renewed energy and your prospects will be more likely to join your tribe.

Make it an awesome day!

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