The Fall Explosion

As I write to you, I feel so energized – for two reasons.

For the first time in my life I came down with food poisoning about a week ago. It has been 5 very difficult days. But things are better now, and I have a restaurant I will never go to again.

The second reason I am energized is because this is the PERFECT time of the year to reboot and restart a fitness business.

Some schools are already in session, others will be starting very soon. Along with the school calendar people settle into their lives and routines for the next 9 months. They create habits for the next 9 months, and this includes their fitness habits.

Early in my fitness career I learned that people joining my programs in September would be needing lockers for the year. They would be in for the long haul, not like the January resolution crowd.

The September people are looking for a good program. They are looking for real results. They are looking for a location that fits their lifestyle.

In short, they are your potential ideal clients.

It’s magic when opportunity and preparation meet. some people call it luck.

The opportunity is the people in your neighborhood who are ready, and in many cases, actively looking for a quality fitness program to help them reach their goals.

And before I forget to mention it, the economy is the best it has been in years. My friends in other various business all confirm that people have discretionary cash and are spending it. People are in a position to afford your programs!

The preparation part is in your hands, your responsibility. Are you prepared for this natural wave of interest in what you have to offer? Or do you not fully grasp the opportunity?

Perhaps you are simply tired and look forward to this renewed interest and believe you don’t really have to do a lot right now to get some new people. I understand because I have been there too.

If you feel that way, you are correct. However, the smart professional who digs deep and puts a few key things in place can take advantage of this natural flow and double, or even triple the impact on their business. Doubling the natural flow of people joining you in September has a HUGE impact on the next 9 months.

The preparation phase that I am referring to has a name, marketing.

Marketing your programs right now means putting strategies in place to take advantage of the natural interest in your program, and then figuring out how to double or even triple the impact on your business. Think of it as a wave coming at you that you can make even bigger.

For most fitness professionals, the biggest problem with marketing their business is they don’t know what marketing is, much less how to go about it.

At 6 figure Trainers we teach how to market your business. The size of your marketing budget does not matter. There is always something you can do, today, to improve your marketing. Here is the overview of what you need to do:

First, market to your existing customers. This is where you will get the greatest return on your marketing efforts. Marketing effectively to this group can make all other marketing unnecessary.

Second, market to your neighborhood. Club Industry Show statistics are clear that most people, who routinely attend fitness programs, travel 15 minutes or less to the program. Focus here!

Third, focus on other areas of marketing, only if you still want/need to after the two above. Unfortunately, too many fitness professionals believe this is where marketing starts. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We are controversial by taking that stance. But the results speak for themselves. We don’t teach theory, we teach what has worked for us and for our clients.

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Remember, you will only get results if you take immediate action on your ideas.

To your success!