Top Three Choices for Fitness Equipment


Every class provides much needed encouragement during a CFG challenge.

When asked what the best piece of fitness equipment is (this happens often), my first answer is always “the one that you will use”. Usually, I get a smile and then a patient pause while the person waits for the real answer. Assuming that the equipment will be used, here are my top three choices for the best fitness equipment:

  • First on my list is a pair of running or walking shoes. By far one of the best exercises for anyone is walking. For the person just starting out, a walk several times a week will get you started on a healthy habit. For the experienced athlete, a walk is used to supplement other activities. Walking is also very therapeutic.
  • Second on my list is a jump rope. Yes, a simple jump rope. No matter what your current condition, try jumping rope for a minute. A word of caution: this can be intense, make sure your doctor has cleared you for exercise, and start slowly.
  • Third on my list would be a rowing machine–specifically a Concept 2 rowing machine. While more expensive than my first two choices, this machine will give you a terrific workout. A word of caution though. Invest in hiring a trainer to teach you how to row properly. This investment will be money well spent.

Remember that no matter what your choice of fitness equipment, the key is to use it frequently.

Ron Gordon, Owner and Head Coach
Gordon Training Systems/CrossFit Gordon