Use this Free Blueprint to convert more sales today!

What can you do to improve your sales and retention right now?

In a few short weeks, as the summer draws to a close, there will be a renewed interest in fitness programs. New clients will be searching for opportunities to get more fit.

How would it feel to have a structured plan that improves your sales closing ratios, AND keeps your members/clients with you for years?

How you handle the potential new client can make or break your business. A well designed plan will dramatically increase your sales and, more importantly, increase your membership retention.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Think through your current process and decide where you need to make improvements. What would make your process better?
  2. Create a written on-boarding plan. (For a FREE Blueprint, see below.)
    • Cover the legal details. Not only is this good business practice, but it creates an impression of professionalism.
    • Set the expectations. Demonstrate that you know what you are doing and that you understand the prospective client and the challenges they are facing.
    • Provide an experience – because a person with an experience is never at the mercy of a person with a theory.
  3. Let your culture shine through in everything you do.
  4. Train your coaches and staff to understand and implement your plan.

When we started following a written plan for bringing potential new members into our programs, our conversion rate soared from 45% to 85%. Equally as important, the process was systematized and other people be trained to handle this process with consistency.

Save time and money – download the Blueprint for On-boarding New Clients now. You can implement this today and see immediate results!

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