For the past 10 years I’ve worked as a personal trainer in a commercial gym.  I always LIKED my job, but I didn’t LOVE it.  Deep down I knew that I wanted to build a training business that was all my own, creating the schedule I want and allowing my income to grow.  Despite reading dozens of books on business building, success and personal development I wasn’t any closer to my dream than when I started a decade ago.

That changed the moment I started working with Ron Gordon.  I have made more progress in the past 3 months of working with Ron than I had in the previous years combined.  His expert guidance has allowed me to begin the transition to having my own business as well as having the most lucrative 3 months of my career!  If I already had the ‘rocket ship’ ready, Ron has served as my co-pilot and navigation system to get to the career I’ve dreamed of.

Working with Ron was the BEST career decision I’ve ever made.  I’m more excited about my career opportunities than I have ever been before and I’m looking forward to continuing our work together for as long as possible!

-Mark Samara

Using Ron’s system has completely changed my world. After decades of working in the fitness industry, I was still making a meager income and working almost around the clock. It was risky to make a change and I am so glad I took the chance and listened to Ron. Now my income has increased by 40% and I am on track to make a 6-figure income this year. Best of all, I now work 1/2 the time I used to work, giving me time to spend with my family and my dogs.  

Andy Nye – Nye Fitness Systems

Success Stories

In 2011, I was experiencing knee pain while running downhill when I met Ron.  My massage therapist recommended his personal training as a potential fix.  I started training with him and within a few weeks I was able to return to running without pain.  I enjoyed the sessions so much that I continue to train with him long after my issues resolved. He made working out fun and I became the fittest I have ever been.  He also encouraged me to try new things and set new goals which inspired me to do things I never thought possible for me…like cycling and triathlons.  He also inspired me to non-fitness goals.  With his encouragement and guidance, I now work half as many hours, earn more money and have time to travel.  He has a remarkable gift for enabling people to achieve what they previously would not have even considered possible.


About 6 months ago I set a big gnarly goal (on your board) of qualifying for Ironman World championships.  I did the race today and PR’d all around turning in a 5:05.03.  I consider that a big time gain for the Syracuse course.

  • Swim 36:00 (thanks Victor Masters) – minus 8 minutes versus last year
  • Bike 21 mph average (thanks Computrianer) – minus 13 minutes over last year
  • Run 7:53 pace (thanks good genes) – minus 9 minutes over last year

For all of that good stuff I finished 15th in my age group!  No Championships, so it’s a bitter sweet outcome.  Turns out I signed up for the wrong race.  This is the last year that championships will be in North America (and the east coast) so everyone was there from all over (75 slots were available) – lots of Canadians as well.  So I was a little out classed – super fast people…  but overall top 10% in the field.  I’ll take that any day!

At any rate I am happy with the outcome (kind of consider goal accomplished). 3 years of CrossFit that really set my body up for all of this.  Thanks for all your advice, training and support! – Bring on Mussleman!!


I am a +50 year old age-grouper who had done a few sprints and 70.3s before I completed the Lake Placid Ironman this past July.  I had a great swim, a good ride and was able to finish with a strong run and am extremely pleased with my accomplishment.  Between the CrossFit exercises to build strength, the CompuTrainer rides and all the other event relevant information presented, Ron and the CrossFit Gordon team were an integral part of my success.  I highly recommend CrossFit Gordon for any triathlon or endurance event training.  Thanks Ron!

–Mike A.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for presenting Cross-Fit at our Chapter V Professional Development workshop last week. The presentation was very informative and relevant to everyone in the audience. All of the A.D.’s oversee several coaches that use strength and conditioning as an integral part of their program. I see Cross-Fit as a great way to re-energize a stagnant strength and conditioning program. I also wanted to extend my thanks to your assistant, Dylan.

–Dave Michelsen, Chapter V Professional Development Rep

I first began running in 2006 when I joined my college track & cross country team and quickly embraced the endurance athlete lifestyle that went along with it. I continued to run throughout the rest of my college career and still continued to run regularly after college. It wasn’t until my junior year in college that I got my first stress fracture in my lower leg which put my running on hold for about four months. When the doctor delivered the news that I wasn’t going to be able to run all summer I was devastated and thought to myself, “what am I going to do all summer if I can’t run?” Well, that is when I decided to purchase my first road bike. After my first ride on my new bike, I knew that cycling was for me. Fast forward to 2012 and I am now an avid triathlete that participates in numerous multisport events each year. I, like many endurance athletes, am on a never-ending quest for improving my speed and endurance. At the end of every race season, I look at my results and compare them to the previous year, looking to see if I had made any improvements and what I could do so that I could be better next year. At the end of the 2011 triathlon season I questioned the training that I had been doing and pondered how I could change my high mileage, two-a-day training so that I could see some big improvements for 2012, and then I remembered Crossfit.

I met Ron Gordon in January of 2011 when he came to my spin class at the Webster Aquatic Center to give us a taste of Crossfit. Ron explained to us if you incorporate crossfit into your training regimen, then you will see improvements in running and cycling without actually having to run and bike. As an endurance athlete, I simply could not wrap my head around this idea that to get better at running and cycling, you don’t have to run or bike, but just do crossfit instead. It just did not make sense. After a season of training for the 2011 Syracuse half ironman where I was putting in 10-13 hours a week in swimming, biking and running, I thought about what Ron said back in January and after much hesitation, decided to try this crossfit stuff. I signed up for my first Crossfit Gordon class in October 2011 and continued to do crossfit all winter. I wasn’t really able to asses if this crossfit stuff was working until I ran my first race since joining crossfit which happened to be the Annual Turkey Trot 10k in my hometown of Baldwinsville, NY. I had a great race that day and set a personal record (PR). After the race I thought, ok, maybe crossfit is beneficial, but I’m still not convinced. As the spring approached and the race season starting to pick up, I knew that this was going to be the true test of whether or not the crossfit I had been doing had helped or hindered me. It quickly became clear that crossfit had definitely helped. By the start of summer I had set PR’s in every race that I competed in thus far. I was so impressed with my performance that I continued to do Crossfit all summer. Normally I would be putting in 10+ hours a week in swimming biking and running, but by doing crossfit 2 times a week I have cut my total training time in half while still seeing major improvements in all three areas. By the end of the last race for the summer, I had set a PR in EVERY race I competed in that year, and I have the race results and training log to prove it!

Overall I am very happy with the progress I have made from doing crossfit not just in my racing, but also in my day to day life. From someone who suffered from lower back pain to the point where doing tasks like cleaning the dishes or taking the laundry out of the dryer were very painful, I can say that crossfit has improved my flexibility and has significantly decreased my lower back pain. I can now wash the dishes, mow the lawn, or do my laundry with no problem. I know this sounds like a cheesy infomercial, but crossfit really works. We all have our own reasons for being there. Whether it is to improve race performance, or just to get in better shape, Crossfit Gordon will have something that will fit your needs. One of the aspects I like most about Crossfit Gordon is the support you get from the other participants. The classes offer a very supportive and encouraging atmosphere that fosters personal growth and builds confidence. I have been to other crossfit gyms throughout the country and none have offered the kind of experience that I get at Crossfit Gordon. It is now the end of the 2012 race season and I am looking forward to the challenges that await me at Crossfit Gordon so that I can set all new PR’s next year.

I have been training at Crossfit Gordon since July 2012. Ron and the team are awesome coaches and all the members are extremely supportive of everyone. The experience really has changed my life. 9 months later I am down 45 pounds (with both diet and addition of Crossfit) and feel better and stronger than I’ve ever felt even when I was in my 20’s. I have never been a gym person, but I look forward to my workouts at Crossfit Gordon. I am challenged to do more then I ever thought I could every class and constantly amazed after each workout that I was able to do it. I work out along amazing people and no matter your ability everyone is supportive and helpful. Ron and his staff emphasis form and technique above all else to ensure you learn the proper way to do an exercise so you can maximize your results without getting hurt. A great place to workout and a great group of coaches and members to work out with! Highly recommended.

Thanks for everything!

I started crossfit training four months ago. I recently competed in the Flower City Challenge consisting of a duathlon on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday. These were the first big races of the season for me. I have never felt stronger both mentally and physically. I ended up placing 2nd in my age group for the duathlon and obtaining a personal record time of 1:56:26 in the half marathon. My power, speed, strength, and endurance were beyond anything I have ever felt before. I know that it is all due to crossfit. I can’t imagine what another four months will bring!

–Katie Vaughn

Alan EmbreyWhat can I say other than I am a slow learner. On January 7th, 2012 I attended my first free trial of Crossfit and while I thoroughly enjoyed the class I just didn’t buy into the concept at the time. Approximately 5 months later, I attend another free trial class thanks to the persistence of a good friend of mine Sean Rahrle. Thanks Sean! One week after that free trial I enrolled in the 4 week “On Ramp” program. I was hooked and the rest, as they say, is history.

That was 10 months ago. Now, I’m training twice a week at CFG which allows for a perfect balance between my training and my family. Other training programs/gyms didn’t allow for that balance which created stress and tension at home. Before I started training at CFG, I believed that I was in above average shape having completed multiple marathons, duathlons, and triathlons including a half Ironman. I quickly learned that this “above average” body had plenty of areas to improve upon. Thanks to Ron, Dylan, Bridgett, and Chas I have not only learned new skills to make me more fit, I have also learned to how to challenge myself to become stronger, faster, and more poweful. Without their coaching, support, and encouragement I wouldn’t be where I am today.

So where am I today? In October 2011 I ran the Wineglass Marathon with a goal of qualifying for the 2013 Boston Marathon. In the 18 weeks of preparation for that marathon I logged over 600 miles and ran 6 days a week with 1 day of rest. I achieved my goal and qualified for 2013 Boston Marathon. However, that goal came at a price, namely to my body. During training I dealt with many aches and pains from the constant running as well as a 2 week recovery period after the race where I couldn’t run nor did I even want to!

Two weeks ago I ran and completed my first Boston Marathon. My training program consisted of CrossFit twice a week, running three times a week, and two days of rest. Remember, my previous marathon training programs did not include CrossFit. During the 18 weeks of preparation I logged 424 miles, which is approximately 175 miles less than my previous training program. The results, I ran my second fastest marathon ever and only 8 days after the race I was back running again. That’s right not only did I want to run again, I was able to run again, I felt that good! I attribute all these positive changes, not only in my time but also in my recovery as well, to Crossfit Gordon.

The 2013 Boston Marathon was marred by the horrible acts of two deranged individuals. Fortunately, I was not harmed by those events and was able to return home safely to my family. I mention this because after communicating with my wife and kids that I was OK, the next communication I received was from Ron Gordon. Ron had contacted me to ensure that I was ok. Being a part of CFG means that you’re not only part of a gym but you are also part of a family.

At age 41 I am in the best shape of my life thanks to Ron and his staff at CrossFit Gordon. I still have goals that I want to attain and there are no doubts in my mind that CFG will be a part of that journey to reach those goals. THANK YOU CROSSFIT GORDON!

–Alan Embrey

I prefer to do my winter bike training at Gordon Crossfit using the Computrainer because it gives me valuable time riding on my bike in the same riding position in which I race. I have spent time and money to get a bike I like and to tune my riding position, so this is a great way to train my body to take full advantage of my bike and my riding position. I prefer riding on the Computrainer at Gordon Crossfit, rather than riding on a trainer at home, because I don’t need to maintain the space and equipment—Ron takes care of that for me. I also prefer riding at Gordon Crossfit because I enjoy riding and training with other people. Sometimes it is social and sometimes it is competitive, but it is always a lot more interesting than riding alone. I enjoy doing the time trial series because it gives me a new course to try every week and it provides a more realistic riding experience with variations in resistance and shifting through the ride. In my first few outdoor rides of the season, I can already see the benefits—I’m starting off as strong as I ended the season last year. I definitely recommend it; come to Gordon Crossfit ride with us!

–Martin Coffey

Just a note of thanks for your help last season. I’ve been doing triathlons for many moons – about 20 years – and last season may have been my best ever. A few of the highlites for me included a PR at the Run – Bike -Runs by almost 2 minutes, a top 10 finish at the mini-mussle in a field of over 800 people, and just missing out on All-American Honors in the USAT Rankings. I was also pleased with my results at Nationals in Burlington.

Much of the credit goes to you and your Computrainer Program. While the weekly beatings were a humbling experience for me, I went into the spring with my fitnes level much better than a year ago. I appreciate the service your workouts provide wannabes such as myself. Keep up the good work and thanks again for all of the great support!

–Peter D.

JeremyRon really knows how to keep an athlete relaxed, prepared and appreciated!  Prior to my race this year Ron put on a great send off party for the three athletes headed to placid.  It was great fun and there was a calming atmosphere to the night that is tough to describe.  No pressure or expectations of time or performance…just go out and have fun.  Enjoy the day.

As race day grew closer Ron sent out a series of “brain dumps” to prepare us for what may lie ahead.  These are bits of important information that Ron has accumulated over the years through his vast experience in triathlon and, particularly, Ironman.  Amazing that one of those “brain dumps” paid off minutes after Ron sent it as I encountered a situation where I would have normally freaked out.  I remained calm and didn’t let it get to me by wasting my energy on it.  I would need that energy for race day!  THANKS RON!

Race day Ron was positive and encouraging as well.  Amazing given the fact that HE was actually participating in the race as well!  You would not have known because his focus seemed to be all about us, his athletes.  After finishing the race it seemed I was the only one in the world that raced that day.  Ron was there as I finished and he took care of everything I needed.  I felt safe and comfortable knowing he was there.

My experience at the 2013 Ironman Lake Placid was made better because of Ron Gordon and I can’t say enough about how his encouragement and expertise helped me through my day AND after the finish line!  Thanks Ron!

–Jeremy Hammond

KrisKI spent the vast majority of the past 9 months of my Ironman training on a computrainer at Crossfit Gordon to improve my power out. I was able to increase my watt output from an initial 190 to 220 and potentially higher as I didn’t retest my last month of training. What initial got me interested about the using the system was the quality of the workout. The computrainer requires you to peddle not only uphill but also downhill, else you stop. The feedback resistance on the trainer is controlled by the course you are riding, so it give you a more realistic intensity than just free wheeling and using your bike gears for resistance on a traditional trainer. You also have a ton of feedback on the screen in front of you letting you know were you are on the course, what the percent of climb/decent is, your heart rate, cadence, speed, power, and distance. Timing wise, i was able to get in an hour ride before going work a couple days during the weekdays, rather than having to try to free up time after work or worse, waiting until the weekend. I also didn’t have typical annoyances to deal with that you encounter on the road like broken glass, bad weather, dogs chasing you, getting stranded somewhere, or cars getting to close. The group rides at CFG helped motivate and push me in a friendly competitive way and I had a chance to meet some incredible fellow athletes in persuit of their own goals. Thanks again CFG for contributing to my outstanding day at Ironman Lake Placid where i was able to best my own expectations!